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Cat suddenly trying to move in

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Alb1 Sat 17-Jun-17 17:02:45

Hoping someone can offer advice, we have 3 cats of our own that are not afraid of defending their territory as there are a lot of other cats around here, and out of no were another cat that I have never seen before has suddenly decided it wants in my house. It is obsessed, won't leave my windowsill and trying to break in at every oppertunity, it's been here for 24 hours now.

My cats have tried to get rid but it just comes back. I left my back door open for my cats earlier but shut it because it was too hot, then about half an hour later I hear chaos and my cats have found this one in the kitchen and are obviously going nuts. I got my cats out of the room and as this one was running out I noticed that it's so skinny! Nice fur and big head but so skinny (so looks like it's lost weight rather than always being skinny). It ran off but is now back watching the house again. I've put water out and some ham at the bottom of my garden because I feel sorry for it but I don't want it moving in so I can't just start feeding it.

Anybody got any theories why it's come from nowhere and chosen my house? I've had cats try and slowly move in before but never so suddenly. It's like it thinks it lives here. No collar but most don't around here either.

Maudlinmaud Sat 17-Jun-17 17:09:27

Could be lost and belong to someone. If you can catch it maybe bring it to your vets and let them check if it's got a microchip.

Squarerouteofsquirrel Sat 17-Jun-17 17:09:36

Don't know why it might be trying to move in, perhaps it's just hungry.

But have you thought about trying to get it scanned in case it's lost. My Facebook has local lost pets and there is a women that will volunteer herself to come out and scan animals like this, do you know if you have something similar. Alternatively paper collar to establish is it's actually lost. That would be my first port of call.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 17-Jun-17 17:22:26

Lost or abandoned, it's not coping on its own & you have cats so it knows you have food.

If you can catch it the vets will scan it, pets at home vets will scan him for you.

The Aldi pouches are £1.99 for 12, it'll be starving. Literally.

ShmooBooMoo Sat 17-Jun-17 17:30:11

Poor thing. It must be absolutely desperate. I would try to get your cats in one room, get this stray in, feed it and get it to the vet's asap to be scanned (PDSA and / or emergency vet is usually open on Saturdays and won't charge you for scanning the cat.
I you can't find a vet, try to buy some cat food and leave it out with a bowl of water for it. It should come back for food if it's starving and you could get it to the vet to get scanned Monday?

Want2beme Sat 17-Jun-17 17:30:21

I had a cat like that come to my house and would not give up and go away no matter what I did. She stayed, was cat no 3 and her name was Flossie.

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