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Do your cats go all weird on a full moon?

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bigtapdancingpimp Fri 09-Jun-17 20:00:25

I've noticed this for a while with mine (both females!) Both fairly placid, well-behaved cats but one in particular becomes slightly agitated and won't settle. She'll sit next to me chunnering away, swishing her tail and generally looking very disgruntled - it lasts for a day or two then she calms down again. The other one woke me up at 4 this morning miaowing persistently in my face. I established she wasn't hungry, thirsty or needed the loo - she just wanted to talk she was unceremoniously chucked out though

Can't be a coincidence surely, unless I'm the mad one? grin

Allergictoironing Sat 10-Jun-17 09:18:58

Hmm, that may tie in with my Girlcat. She's been unusually insane the last 2-3 days, charging round the house giving her "I want something" noise. Today she even went to "play" with my hand (read "disembowel") when I was stroking her belly floof - she has never ever scratched or bitten me in the year I've had them (apart from the time she tried to escape when I was holding her, & caught me by mistake).

Catminion Sat 10-Jun-17 09:24:10

Interesting I haven't noticed that, but my cat seems very sensitive to drops in pressure and runs round the house like a crazed thing when it is windy.

ifonly4 Sat 10-Jun-17 11:26:06

I haven't any difference in my girl cat. My boy was a lot more likely to spend all night outside when it was a full moon though, even in the winter.

bigtapdancingpimp Sun 11-Jun-17 15:22:08

Check for a pattern then Allergic and report back in a month's time,
I hope you didn't require stitches grin

I've been wondering about it for a while and if there was some link. Boycats I've had in the past didn't seem to react in the same way to the moon but one always lost the plot when it was windy and would tear through the house and garden like a tornado hmm

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