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Poorly tummy worries (tmi warning)

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gingertigercat Fri 09-Jun-17 15:04:56

Hi all

My little ginger boy has had a really upset tummy of late and some really bad diarrhoea. My fault I think as I've been changing his wet food around to a high meat content one.

He's currently on Harringtons which has a good meat content but loads of other odd ingredients so I'm not sure if it's that? I really don't want to put him back on whiskas due to the content of the food but worried about him.

I have him on dry food only while his tum settles. Do I persevere with the posh food or put him back on his normal??

caffeinestream Fri 09-Jun-17 16:13:17

Did you change the food gradually?

You need to mix the two together, starting with mostly old food and a TINY bit of new, then over a week or two, gradually increase the percentage of new food he's eating.

Cats have very sensitive stomachs, unfortunately.

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