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To cat or not to cat?

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RoystonVaseySmegHead Thu 08-Jun-17 18:17:30

Tried posting a thread like this about 10 minutes ago but the internet pixies stole it, so if it shows up I apologise. Anyways, Do I get Dcat a friend??
He's a 1 year old house cat, lovely with people and next doors cat through the window (she hates everything living with a passion so can't meet face to face) but he's left on his own while we're at uni/ school and if dp is out, and he's left alone for 1 night a week which is unavoidable. Probably from 4.30-3/4 the next day. Dp comes to feed him and give him a fuss on the night, then pops round to feed him in the morning. He's a very happy chap (Dcat not dp-he's miserable as sin) in general but I wonder if he'd be better with someone his own species to doss about with? His mums owner has aquired a cat who's upduffed and the kittens are due anytime soon, so would have the last 2/3 weeeks of the summer hols to help a new kitty settle in... financially a new cat would be fine, but I don't want Dcat to feel like he's being replaced. Can I have some opinions please? Ps, Here's a pic of Dcat being cute 😁

VocalCat Thu 08-Jun-17 18:20:52

It'a so hard to tell as some cats like company and others are really solitary. As it is a kitten you are thinking of, it means there is the greatest chance of them getting on and if your house is big enough for them to both have their own areas if necessary, I would get it.

RoystonVaseySmegHead Thu 08-Jun-17 18:24:18

Thanks cat 👍🏻 I'm in a 2 bed terraced but Dcat seems to prefer ds's bed and the top of the fridge to nap on... so a new kitten could have our bedroom or another room in the house if it wanted smile

RoystonVaseySmegHead Thu 08-Jun-17 18:26:12

By the way, He's a very cuddly cat with people and if he's not already on you then he's meowing at you for a cuddle grin

VocalCat Thu 08-Jun-17 18:28:29

Make sure you come back with photographs!😻

RoystonVaseySmegHead Thu 08-Jun-17 18:30:25

I will! I'll be boating at pics when they're born even if I don't steal one 😁😁😁

RoystonVaseySmegHead Thu 08-Jun-17 18:30:39

Boating??? Nosying* lol

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 08-Jun-17 18:32:19

Personally no I wouldn't, I would be worried about my cat getting the humph and moving out or generally being upset.

Jonsnowsghost Thu 08-Jun-17 18:32:30

I had this dilemma with mine, he's 2 now. I live in a 2bed flat and I've decided against it as I'd have no room to keep them desperate if they didn't get on! You have to actually want another cat for yourself, not just because you feel guilty.
My cat sleeps mainly during the day - even when I'm in all day! So he's in a routine and knows when I should be home and when he'll get playtime etc. It's difficult as I've always been undecided but long term I think he's happier on his own.
There was a program recently on tv that said a main stress issue for cats is when they are in multi cat households. My mum's cats on the other hand do get on but one is particularly needy for company as she has always been brought up with a cat friend (she pined and moaned when the old cat died but is happy now she has a new friend). It's difficult!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Thu 08-Jun-17 18:34:18

Cats don't need company of other cats, they are fine as solitary creatures with their humans.

RoystonVaseySmegHead Thu 08-Jun-17 18:35:59

I've wanted another cat since he was about 7 months old and we moved into our own house, i posted because I was worried he'd be upset. If they don't get on after a week or so then I'd ask his mums owner to take the kitten back or find it another family, I wouldn't force him to live with another if he hated it x

EastMidsMumOf1 Thu 08-Jun-17 18:38:14

Best choice i ever made was getting another cat, both strays mind you so wasnt exactly planned - dh accusing me of becoming the crazy cat lady from the simpsonsblush cat 1 is around 18months and cat 2 is around 6 months old, both boys and the youngest still had his manhood unlike billy no balls the 1st so there was abit dominance from the 2nd at the start but now after 3 months theyre like brothers. They do play fight but unless theyre hissing/growling or drawing blood its nothing sinister and afterwards they engage in a grooming sessionsmile my 1st is def happier and more content with having the younger one. Please keep in mind it is alot easier for a male cat to get alot with kitten than it is with another adult cat.

ElizaDontlittle Thu 08-Jun-17 18:44:07

I'll tell you in a few weeks!
But - it can take more than a week to introduce a new cat, starting with scent swapping and building from there - it could be 4-6 weeks before you would be sure.
I'm fully accepting it's me that wants my 2nd cat and crazycat would have been quite happy here by herself with me!

TheCatOfAthenry Thu 08-Jun-17 18:46:12

Took the plunge a few weeks ago. I believe we are all happier for it. Cookie loves her little Biscuit.

RoystonVaseySmegHead Thu 08-Jun-17 18:46:18

Cool east that's made me feel better smile if I got another it would have to be a kitten because I'd want it to bond with ds as well, and Ime adult cats can be a bit funnier with kids than kittens when they're wanting to play etc x

DancingLedge Thu 08-Jun-17 18:46:18

Nah, would need at least 10 more photos before I could reach a decision.

RoystonVaseySmegHead Thu 08-Jun-17 18:47:08

Awwwww athenry that's so cute 💗💗

RoystonVaseySmegHead Thu 08-Jun-17 18:50:52

Haha dancing you could have as many photos as you like but I think I might crash the internet with them all wink

TheCatOfAthenry Thu 08-Jun-17 18:51:48

He is fabulous!

RoystonVaseySmegHead Thu 08-Jun-17 18:53:08

He's a sod, I think I need to get a bin from Fort Knox because he's managed to get into it about 8 times this week, And he has a habit of biting your nose if you aren't up at 5am to feed him 🙄

DonaldTrumpsTrump Thu 08-Jun-17 18:57:45

He looks just like my parents cat! Are they a certain type of species of cat? As I've never seen another cat who's got the Siamese looking features of my parents cat so I've always wondered this.

RoystonVaseySmegHead Thu 08-Jun-17 19:20:04

I've no idea, his mums a tricolour/calico moggy and we don't know who his dad is, maybe it's their markings?

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