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When did you first realise you loved your cat (i.e they had 'won' !)

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Ski37 Mon 05-Jun-17 21:06:55

I've had my adopted cat for 2 months now ( rehomed from blue cross)- he is my first cat and within a week I wondered how I'd ever lived without one but we were still 'getting to know each other' so he wasn't overly affectionate! He isn't allowed to sleep in my room as I don't want him to disturb my sleep. He usually sleeps outside the door and is waiting when I get up.
This morning I was awake early so let him in and got back into bed ( I don't usually do this) - he jumped up, padded a bit then lay down. He then proceeded to nudge closer and closer until he could touch my face with his paw - and that's all he wanted to do. If I moved my face a bit he just wriggled until he could touch it gently again with his paw. As soon as he realised I wasn't going to move he fell asleep- and I realised that he has finally won- I am now 100% his cat slave and will spend the rest of his life trying to make him happy 😀

Ski37 Mon 05-Jun-17 21:12:25

And yes, it is likely that I will finally give in to the constant scratching at my door and let him sleep in my room ( now I know that he doesn't secretly want to kill me in the night!)

Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes Mon 05-Jun-17 21:13:22

4 years and waiting, I'm very fond of them and will do everything they need including lots of cuddles but I am not their slave.

Ollycat Mon 05-Jun-17 21:17:27

My cat's always slept on my bed (as have previous cats) - I love her being there to the point where if I wake in the night and she isn't I fret.

That said she can be a total pita when she's chucking a mouse around the room - or worse still eating one!

ASqueakingInTheShrubbery Mon 05-Jun-17 21:20:04

When we walked into the cage at the Cats' Protection League and he bit my housemate. Love at first bite. HM and I parted ways some years ago, although we're still good friends and he visits me/cat, but there was never any doubt as to who would keep the cat. He's 15 now (we think) and quite stiff and creaky. I'm already afraid of how heartbroken I will be when he goes.

Toddlerteaplease Mon 05-Jun-17 21:25:58

Fell in love with this photo that someone had shared on Facebook, wasn't even looking for a cat at the time as I was worried about the busy road I live on and leaving them alone while I work 12 hour shifts. All of those arguments fell apart and the rest is history.

AdorableMisfit Mon 05-Jun-17 21:29:49

The moment he fell through a hole in the roof of the portacabin that housed the office I worked in. He was a tiny 4 week old stray kitten. I thought he was literally a gift from above. Put him in an empty box of printing paper and took him home. 14 years later and he's still lording it over me.

Ski37 Mon 05-Jun-17 21:40:13

Thank god it's not just me then!!!! 😀 I've always thought that I'm very sensible and pragmatic and that animals 'are just animals' and don't understand our emotions etc..... I'm now waiting outside the patio door in the rain for Dcat to come in so I can dry him with his tea towel 😂😂😂

Want2beme Mon 05-Jun-17 21:57:10

At first sight. All of them.

Ski37 Mon 05-Jun-17 22:18:47

toddlerplease - lovely!

LanaDReye Mon 05-Jun-17 23:14:16

Watching them sleep blissfully and the affectionate meows does it for me everytime.

Lanaa Mon 05-Jun-17 23:18:24

When I slept on my very uncomfortable leather sofa because my cats were stretched out on the bed and I didn't want to wake them.

Prior to getting them, I was adamant that people who let animals sleep on the bed were disgusting. What has happened to me?!

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Mon 05-Jun-17 23:23:20

When I nearly peed my pants because she was asleep on my lap and I didn't want to wake her by getting up to go to the loo.

Mine also likes to touch my face in bed and if I've been out. It's her way of saying hello.

YesItsMeIDontCare Mon 05-Jun-17 23:24:05

This is what sucked me in. I had a thread about it.

Thank you cozie. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. ❤️

SentientCushion Mon 05-Jun-17 23:31:57

Oh my goodness yes does he still talk all the time? Mine are so chatty you can have a full blown conversation with them and I love it.

I am like Jeeves to my tabby girl, she only drinks out the tap and likes you to lift her up and let her inspect the ceiling for spiders. She does it every night at around 10pm and we call it doing her 'rounds'.

Ollivander84 Mon 05-Jun-17 23:37:20

7 days after getting him when he did these faces at me. 4 years as a stray and he walked out the cat carrier all "you my human? That'll do"

YesItsMeIDontCare Mon 05-Jun-17 23:38:25

Yep, constantly grin. He didn't went he first moved in, he settled very well but was fairly quiet. Now he can't walk from one side of a room to the other without telling everyone about it, even jumping up on to a bed can't be done without a little chirrupy-mew!

SnickersWasAHorse Mon 05-Jun-17 23:43:55

Within about an hour of having her. Even more once she sat on me for the first time.

How can you let him sleep outside the door? Let him in. He will sleep in exactly the wrong place.

Papergirl1968 Tue 06-Jun-17 08:24:09

I've seen that pic of Ollie before and every time I'm struck by that look on his face. It says, after four years of being a stray, now I'm home and this is my person.
Breaks my heart to think of his years as a stray. I'm admit I'm totally over invested in Ollie!
Fell in love with our own dcat when I saw him on the rspca website. He was reserved by someone else but it fell through and we got him! He had one night, maybe two, shut in downstairs, before taking over the bed!

LanaDReye Tue 06-Jun-17 20:10:31

Olli he looks so happy to have a home. Mine was a rescue cat too. She has three slaves under her paw.

user1496777666 Tue 06-Jun-17 20:51:55

I got my boys from friends as 8 weeks old kittens and first saw them when they were days old. I wanted to get two as company for each other but DH just wanted one. When we went to choose two one, our friends told us the only two left were best friends and they were sad to separate them. One promptly curled up next to me for a snooze while the other entertained DH with his antics and we took both home! After a week or so my cuddle cat decided DH was 'his' human and playful cat claimed me. Contrary little buggers have been running rings around us ever since and we are fully enslaved.

Mermaidinthesea123 Tue 06-Jun-17 20:54:56

The minute I set eyes on them.

Mermaidinthesea123 Tue 06-Jun-17 20:55:43

OMG that really is a super cute face Ollivander, my heart is totally melting smile

Ollivander84 Tue 06-Jun-17 21:19:11

He does that face at me almost every day grin

EllaHen Tue 06-Jun-17 21:31:53

What a lovely thread.

I actually was thinking the other day about how much our cats love us. Well, girlcat loves DD and boycat loves me the most. That makes me feel special.

They were rescue kittens and their different personalities very much add to the family dynamic.

Boycat likes to sleep on dh's pillow (next to Mummy) and his nose is very much put out of joint when dh has the audacity to lie on his own side of the bed. Boycat will lie on dh's chest/neck/face and get on with the important business of cleaning himself. grin

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