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cat attacked last night

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Ski37 Thu 01-Jun-17 21:02:23

My lovely cat was attacked in his own house last night! He'd been in the garden and was sat on a fence at about 8.30. I'd been watching him and shook his food to get him to come in for the night ( I had the patio door open for him) . Next think I know he is sprinting across the garden followed by another cat who chased him upstairs and attacked him complete with 'screaming' and fur flying. After lots of shouting I managed to scare the other cat off and back into the garden and over the fence. I was terrified and very shaken up so I can't imagine how my poor cat felt- he didn't come back downstairs for half an hour and was extremely wary for a long time after that! One of them sprayed on the window sill but I'm not sure which ( mine is neutered) so I cleaned/ vacuumed and febreezed just in case. I've seen this other cat before in the garden and have always managed to shoo him away. When they have accidentally come into contact before there has been a bit of posturing but no actual aggression as I've managed to get rid of him. I think he is a stray or maybe a farm cat- each time I've seen him he is looking thinner. I do feel sorry for him but he is definitely the aggressor as this attack came out of nowhere ( as I said I could see where my cat was at the time). My cat is now too scared to go outside on his own and has been much more affectionate inside. I've sat outside armed with a water bottle and a flip flop 'just in case ' to allow my own cat to have play in the garden! Any tips on how to deal with this/ stop the other cat thinking my garden is his territory? I definitely don't want a repeat of last night!

Ski37 Thu 01-Jun-17 21:05:28

I had been thinking of getting a microchipped cat flap for my cat but now I am a bit unsure- the speed they were going when they came inside last night would make me think it wouldn't have time to work and either they would both be stuck inside or both outside!

Ski37 Thu 01-Jun-17 21:10:22

I forgot to say that thankfully my cat seems unharmed but I'm keeping a close eye on him in case there are any bites/ injuries that I haven't seen.

Puffpaw Thu 01-Jun-17 21:16:36

Sounds like the other cat is hungry and frightened. Maybe put some food at the bottom of the garden for it and call your local cats protection, he probably needs trapping and neutering. Do you have a dh? If so get him to mark the garden, i.e. Wee around the edge. It does work!

Ski37 Thu 01-Jun-17 21:29:27

No DH, just me! I agree that the other cat is probably hungry and/ or frightened and my next plan was to call cats protection. I hate to think he is suffering but I'm still so shocked ( and angry for my own cat) about what happened last night ( I know really that it isn't the other cats fault and cats do what they need to do but it was SO aggressive!). There are lots of farms near me and my house is built on old farm land so I wonder if he may be a farm cat/ feral cat and we have invaded his territory?

bingolittle Thu 01-Jun-17 21:33:10

We have a microchipped cat flap and even when our neighbour's -horrible- cat is chasing our cat right up close, the catflap will still let our cat in and keep the other one out. Not had it fail yet.

Good luck xx

Faithsock Thu 01-Jun-17 21:39:50

I feel your pain! We have a lot of problems with a local aggressive Tom who's attacked one of our cats twice (resulting in an overnight trip to the vets on one occassion). We have a micro chip cat flap which definitely helps as so far all of the incidents have been outside rather than in our house. We are trying to scare the offending cat off by squirting water at it whenever we see it. Though after the second vet trip this has escalated from being with a water pistol to the garden hose...
Your best bet is probably to catch him and get him 'Done' though. Our neighbourhood terror looks in too good a condition to be a feral/ stray. We think he's just a thug.

TizzyDongue Thu 01-Jun-17 21:44:46

I got a microchip flap for this very reason. It's a very slight delay that's all.

In fact I'm pretty sure my cat has worked out only he can get in as he's now a lot calmer when he comes in than he used to be.

Ski37 Thu 01-Jun-17 22:40:31

Thanks for the replies. I was ready tonight to squirt the offending cat with water but thankfully he didn't show up. The dog that I sometimes hear over the back fence was growling and snarling at something ( as far as I know he hasn't done that with my cat) so I wonder if he was in the area but had been seen off! When I've seen him ( I'm assuming it's a him) he doesn't look in very good condition and appears to be getting thinner. I will speak to the local cats protection tomorrow and get their advise. I hate seeing an animal suffer ....

Ski37 Thu 01-Jun-17 23:54:47

Dcat has obviously recovered quicker than I have!

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