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Flippin' cat has brought a mouse in.....

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GloryHunter Wed 31-May-17 23:02:15

It's alive and not injured, we thought it had gone out while door was open all day, but my son has just seen it again. Cat spends the majority of his time outside so not much use at catching it again ........ confused
How on earth can we catch it? Help

RamblinRosie Thu 01-Jun-17 00:29:56

Can you corner it, drive it into a hall or kitchen or a room where you can move furniture away from walls? They sometimes bite, but not hard, if you can corner it, just scoop it from above and hold in both hands. I usually then drop them over the fence, making sure the responsible cat is kept in.

Cat then wanders around going "where's my mouse, I know I had a mouse ".

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