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Changing insurance policy with pre-existing condition

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moggle Wed 31-May-17 11:58:30

We have two cats who are
A, age 8, has had cystitis a few times over the past 2 years although nothing in the past year. It's caused by stress so actually usually doesn't require vet treatment now when it happens, we are able to solve it by making changes to whatever is stressing her (usually a newly mobile baby)
B, age 9, has dental issues (feline oral resorptive lesions) and had a descale under GA 3 years ago and last year had to have several teeth out under GA. I expect she'll need a dental under anaesthetic or sedation at least every other year as she will never let the vet poke around in her mouth (although a couple more years and all the teeth may be gone!). She also has had to have her anal glands squeezed a couple of times over the past year and is still scooting along the carpet :-( .

Our argos platinum cover is up for renewal and has gone up from £45 to £65 (this covers both, £30 for A and £35 for B). (side note - we have claimed several times over the past two years and they have always been great). So I'm finally looking for alternatives.

I have been looking at the 'boughtbymany' insurance website who have a pre-existing policy which is only £38 for both cats. Having said that, bladder/urinary stuff is excluded so I think cat A will actually not count as having pre-existing conditions so maybe I should consider her separately.

However the main difference is that we would be changing from a policy where the cover tops up per year, to one with £7000 per condition over lifetime. TBH at their age, this might be ok... certainly based on their current conditions, but of course anything new could happen... The pre existing condition gets a £500 pot the first year, £1000 the second (if no claim in prev year), then £7000 (if no claim in prev year). TBH I'm not sure this will be great for cat B where I expect her to need dental stuff so frequently... having said that, usually they come to around £500 so might be OK...

Are there any other sites that MNers could recommend that do quotes for polices to include pre-existing conditions?
And does anyone have thoughts about changing to the per-condition policy rather than per condition per year?

moggle Wed 31-May-17 12:02:55

Actually scratch that. Boughtbymany have just told me that dental conditions are excluded from all their policies.
Hmm. So cat A basically has no preexisting conditions so hopefully can reinsure her elsewhere and save some money.

Cat B options... sounds like nowhere will cover pre existing dental stuff. So we could get her a new policy elsewhere and save money to cover dental stuff, but that would leave her scooting / bum stuff uninsured. Although it's not a named condition it's clear it is continuing so that will be a pre existing. Vet thinks it might be an allergy so that could get expensive.

Sorry I'm just talking to myself now! But if anyone has any thoughts would be happy to hear them.

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