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Cats Third Eyelids Showing.Is This Bad?

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LavenderRainbows Fri 26-May-17 20:02:08

My old cat is 12 & is (I think!) In relatively good health.
The last 2 days, worse today, I've noticed his 3rd eyelid is halfway over his eye.
He's eating OK and is currently sat in 'his' chair washing himself. Should I be worried? It looks a bit spooky! Also have a 2 year old cat who is fine.

SleightOfHand Fri 26-May-17 20:13:42

Yeah, I think it's when they're poorly, a cold or something, a cat I used to have had it for a few days, then it went. Hopefully other posters will come along and confirm it's nothing serious too.

DancingLedge Fri 26-May-17 20:25:14

Not in itself serious, but indicates unwell, infection brewing etc.
Keep a close eye.

Bear in mind ,with holiday weekend, you may have to decide tomorrow early morning whether to consult vet, or wait and risk out of hours jacked up cost over weekend. Unless you have a civilised vet, who does a Sunday morning surgery without charging OOH prices.

If happy, still eating and drinking, I wouldn't be overly concerned. If it's both eyes. One eye only could indicate an eye problem, rather than a general health problem. In which case, prob vets tomorrow.

LavenderRainbows Fri 26-May-17 20:30:51

Thank you
dancing it is both eyes. Good point about bank holiday, I will see what it's like in the morning. Poor boy looks a bit odd with his eyes like thatsad

Lostbeyondwords Sun 28-May-17 20:44:34

Hi Lavender, how is he today? Just popped in to say one of mine once had the third eyelids showing and it was because she was very poorly. Had a flea infection/flea anaemia. Not suggesting fleas, but as pp said, signs of infection/poorly-ness. Hope he's better or you've found out the issue.

caffeinestream Sun 28-May-17 20:49:16

Ours had it - was the result of a scratch on his cornea - took two weeks of treatment before it cleared up!

It wasn't especially serious or expensive to treat, but poor cat was obviously in a lot of discomfort, although he ate/played as normal, was just a bit grumpy.

How is he today?

SleightOfHand Sun 28-May-17 21:28:44

caffeinestream was it just the one eye effected with your cat? The third eyelid only in one eye I mean.

LavenderRainbows Sun 28-May-17 22:38:43

It was both eyed affected.
lost I was panicking on Friday night as our vets is closed until Tues! But I guessed there would be an emergency number if needed.
Anyway, on Saturday no sign of 3rd eyelids although eyes look watery and pink.He's a white cat so I think it always looks worse.
He's eating and rolling around in the garden. He seems happy enough.
I will phone the vet Tues morning just for peace of mind if they still look watery.

Lostbeyondwords Sun 28-May-17 22:48:51

Oh good. Maybe he had a touch of hayfever (do cats get that) or something similar that's cleared up? Hopefully all is well now.

LavenderRainbows Fri 02-Jun-17 11:03:28

Well, 3rd eyelids back todaysad off to vets to get him checked out. Getting him in the carrier will be fun.......will update.

ifonly4 Fri 02-Jun-17 11:14:28

Let us know how you get on. Maybe it's an infection his boy has been trying to brush off.

Good luck with the cat carrier. I think it has to be shear determination on your part even if you get a few scratches along the way.

LavenderRainbows Fri 02-Jun-17 17:35:05

Well, he's got an infection. He was such a star, quite liked the carrier in the end and went to sleepgrin There was a bit of a wait as they had an emergency admission but he was fine!
Didn't scratch or bite the vet. She put dye in his eyes and shone lights in them.
I've got to get thick gloopy drops in his eyes twice a dayconfused I'm glad I took him
apart from the price!

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