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Bladder crystals and weird neighbour

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NightWanderer Mon 22-May-17 23:30:08

My boy cat is about 7 years old. We took him in as a stray when he was around 3. The vet says he has herpes. He had the very expensive herpes medicine and seems to be fine now. I think it can flare up in times of stress. About 5 months ago, he had problems weeing and the vet said it was bladder crystals. He cleaned him out and gave him antibiotics. Since then we've used special cat food for pH balance. However, the weeing problems are back.

We have kind of a weird neighbour who once tried to adopt him. They know he's our cat, but they are very strange and it all came to a bit of a head and I had to be a bit rude with them in the end. Anyway, I'm pretty sure they are still feeding him.

I'm going to have to pull on my big girl pants and talk to them, aren't I? I can't keep him in as he gets very stressed and starts peeing on the beds and washing. But they think I don't feed him properly and that is why he goes over there for food (at least that is what they told my son before). Of course we feed him, but he's a cat, if they leave out cat food he's going to eat it.

What do I do if they won't stop feeding him? It's such a waste that I'm giving him this super expensive food.

Does anyone have any experience with bladder cystals and treatment? I found the vet a bit crap last time but I need to get it dealt with as he is obviously suffering. I can't get to the vet until Thursday but if I can get an idea in my head about what to do it would be helpful.

Justmadeperfectflapjacks Wed 24-May-17 13:36:06

Ask for their details to register them at the vets as part owners - then they can share the bills when he is ill due to them feeding him. Big girls pants and resting angry bitch face not in resting mode. .

reallyreallyreallytired Wed 24-May-17 13:43:09

I would really push the importance of his diet...explain if he doesn't keep it then he could get blocked and die in agony. Get a care sheet to show them/print off internet. Consider a paper collar with a message on to remind them....

tabbymog Wed 24-May-17 14:55:06

The neighbour really needs to take notice of your cat's needs. As suggested upthread getting a help/info sheet for them to keep is a good idea, and stress the cost of vet's bills, and the threat to your cat's life of the wrong food. Best wishes to you both.

I know of someone who drove her cat from Aberdeen to Glasgow Vet School in a life-threatening emergency due to struvite crystals. Cat had surgery to replumb him like a female cat and I don't think he had any struvite problems after that.

NightWanderer Thu 25-May-17 22:59:15

Thanks so much for the replies. I took him to the vet and to my immense shock the vet says his urine test came up clear. His urine pH is 6.5 and is perfectly healthy. I'm so relieved! The vet asked if I changed his food, which I did, so he says to keep on using the new food and to keep an eye on his weeing.

I haven't seen my neighbor all week because the weathers been awful but will mention it next time.

I don't know why he's been so restless lately though.

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