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Can cats tell if they are related?

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Wonders71 Fri 19-May-17 19:06:57

We have 2 one year old cats this morning i woke up to find a kitten asleep with them in our conservatory then just now another cat was teying to get in our back door they are all black and white..

Kursk Fri 19-May-17 19:10:53

As far as I know no they don't. The Mum forgets her kittens by about 18 months.

Shriek Fri 19-May-17 22:42:12

i would say not, especially when it comes to mating they have no rules!

our mum cat treated all dcats the same from what i could see, with the exception of outsiders i mean, all 'insiders' whether related or not, same treatment, disdain, obvs.

Asmoto Fri 19-May-17 22:45:58

Only an anecdote, but - my mum and sister adopted three kittens from the same litter, my mum having two and my sister one. A couple of weeks later, taking them for vaccinations, my mum tried to put my sister's kitten in the same basket as her two - but this proved impossible as they hissed and scratched and seemed entirely to have forgotten they were siblings.

Shriek Fri 19-May-17 23:10:17

have very similar anecdotal evidence Asmoto - two kittens returned to us from our litter whilst 'parents' had weekend away, they couldn't leave them you'd have thought they'd been dropped on an alien planet with complete aliens!

Weedsnseeds1 Fri 19-May-17 23:16:02

I'd say not, or incest is a conscious decision!

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