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Jealousy in Cats?

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DollyParsnip Thu 18-May-17 13:28:22

We adopted 2 cats in October, a Mum and her Son - she was about a year, he was 5 months. He immediately took to us, very extrovert and lively, she was more hesitant but has warmed to us albeit on her terms.

Although there is me, DH and DD here I do most of their feeding / litter tray duties etc and play with them more as I'm home during the day. They follow me around and generally hang out where I am (which is great!).

The issue is that Mum Cat is quite timid but still comes to sit nearby, however Son Cat seems to get a bit peeved and comes to sit on me which annoys Mum Cat and she stalks off. The same happens with play, I try to give Mum Cat a bit of solo attention but Boy Cat jumps in and Mum loses out. Have tried closing doors etc but Mum gets nervy.

So, it's just like having attention seeking toddlers! We do have Feliway etc which helps, and they seem quite happy to chill out together, eat together etc it's just competition over me! Any suggestions?

Want2beme Thu 18-May-17 15:15:11

Generally, cats like to do things separately, eating, drinking, peeing, sleeping, etc, so you might have to split yourself in two. Sorry, not very helpful, but I don't know what to suggest. Maybe someone else has some good ideas.

Toddlerteaplease Thu 18-May-17 18:03:50

The foster carer who had my two before I got them used to have to put them in separate rooms as one of them. (The shyer of the two) was so dominating that the other would t get any attention. It's no longer a problem as the more confident one now holds her own and it's evened out.

DollyParsnip Thu 18-May-17 18:45:50

Hello, thanks for your replies!

I did try separating them but Mum Cat does get anxious and goes to sit by the door if I close Boy Cat out which defeats the object confused. They do get on well largely, it's just getting that Boy Cat is getting really possesive of me if he thinks I'm spending too much time with Mum Cat. It really is like watching a pair of siblings squabble over who sits next to Mum or Dad.

(I have thought of dividing myself in two - will definitely help with the diet wine)

SweetChickadee Thu 18-May-17 18:49:14

our young cat cannot BEAR to see our old dear getting any attention and wades straight in to spoil it. I have to brush her on the sly when he's gone out

no manners, that cat grin

9GreenBottles Thu 18-May-17 23:15:26

I got two of my cats as kittens and they have grown up together and are still close at 9, although they are not related.

The female has always been jealous of the attention given to the male. When they were little, if the boy came on my lap, she had to squeeze in the space between him and me, even if that meant she had to sit on top of him to push him out of the way.

When my Mum's cat came to live with us, she started to terrorise her, and you can see the daggers if I dare to give any attention. I honestly believe she is very insecure and that's what drives the behaviour.

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