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New foster!

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chemenger Sun 14-May-17 09:01:19

Our next foster is coming on Wednesday! She's three years old and is coming in for adoption because her owner is in hospital long term. She's alone in the house with someone coming in to feed her etc. It's a great time for her to come to us because dd2 is on exam study leave and dd1 is about to come home from university, so there will be lots of company for her. Can't wait.

Vinorosso74 Sun 14-May-17 09:23:29

Exciting! I'm sure you'll post the obligatory photos when she arrives.

chemenger Wed 17-May-17 17:05:48

She's here and she's behind the sofa. Tiny black thing with huge green eyes, terrified at the moment.

chemenger Wed 17-May-17 17:06:23


isseywithcats Wed 17-May-17 17:08:49

awww shes lovely im sure it wont take long to gain her confidence in you shes had a rough time and will be confused x

ElizaDontlittle Wed 17-May-17 17:55:08

Oh she's beautiful!!! I hope your girls find her good therapy, and her them.

Icequeen01 Wed 17-May-17 19:34:06

Oh bless her. She does look scared. I'm sure she will soon realise she can trust you and will be so appreciative of having someone around all day rather than being on her own.

chemenger Wed 17-May-17 19:49:57

We're ignoring her, she has a handy litter tray and food but I doubt she'll move until nighttime. She has brought a cosy igloo, which she has moved right to the back of, so she is some familiarity to help her settle.

chemenger Thu 18-May-17 08:25:50

A bit braver today.

Vinorosso74 Thu 18-May-17 08:35:07

Cute and those eyes!

chemenger Thu 18-May-17 20:17:09

On the sofa now, rather than behind it.

Asmoto Thu 18-May-17 20:20:34

She is beautiful! Just want to cuddle her!

chemenger Thu 18-May-17 20:29:33

It's hard to show in pictures just how small she is. I can't believe she has had a litter of kittens, she is barely bigger than a big kitten herself. She's a total sweetie, we're all besotted with her. We get to keep her for at least three weeks until she gets her second vaccinations, then I can't see her hanging around unless the curse of the black cat strikes again.

ElizaDontlittle Fri 19-May-17 06:07:32

She is sooo gorgeous. I think you do get the idea she's small, and it seems terrible to think someone has let her have kittens. Is she playful or still too wary? Love the pictures 😻

Plumkettle Fri 19-May-17 11:45:00

Melting here...what a cutie!

chemenger Sat 20-May-17 10:28:12

Settled in and making trouble. She's the first to break the "no cats on the mantelpiece " rule!

GriefLeavesItsMark Sat 20-May-17 10:34:50

She is so cute, and looks so settled! Griefcat hid behind the sofa for a week, but now rules the house. Hashtag blackcatsareawesome

chemenger Sat 20-May-17 10:46:34

Here she is imitating the cat ornament!

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