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New kitten, disgruntled cat- advice?

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Jenda Fri 12-May-17 22:11:43

I have a lovely but wimpy 8 year old boy. We've always wanted another rescue but didn't think he would cope well with an adult cat so we have just acquired an 8 week old girl so he hopefully can assert himself and establish a hieracrhy!

Yesterday we let him see her in the carrier and we have set her up in a room so for now the rest of the house is "his". We encouraged him in last night and he strode over, gave her a sniff and then slinked away in fear.

Today my DP held him in his arms near the door for a cuddle so he could see in to the kitten (who was fast asleep) and he did a hiss, that weird talk growl they could and then refused to come in when we put him down but did hang around on the landing outside.

I see this as progress, especially as it's only day 2, DP sees it as a fail. We are both worried about ruining his life! Also we want her to be downstairs eventually and establish some kind of vague harmony. I have done lots of reading but does anyone have any experience based advice?!

DarkLikeVader Sat 13-May-17 08:08:56

No real advice as we have tried and failed to get our old girl to accept the new kitten last year, she was never really happy it had come. Just take it really slowly. Really really slowly. Before they see each other you can try intermingling their smells - stroke one with a sock on your hand, then go to the other and stroke with same sock on your hand so they get used to each other's smells before they meet.

Wolfiefan Sat 13-May-17 08:15:17

Switch blankets between rooms. So they can smell each other.
Allow them each their own space. So cat tree and litter tray and food etc.
You could offer them treats near (ish) each other and decrease the distance.
Is he neutered? Just as she's a girl!!

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