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Leaving a cat whist we're away

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TellmeonaSundayplease Thu 11-May-17 11:45:15

I have a ragdoll cat, he lives with two dogs and has access to my garden, he's unable to get out of it because he can't jump more than 2 feet and its surrounded by a 6 foot wall. He's has two litter trays and only eats dried food, he has run of the house (the dogs are confined to the kitchen/ utility room by stair gates). Sometimes he's in the kitchen with the dogs, he'll even on occassions sit with/sleep with them other times he's on his own.
We're going away for a fortnight and my dog walker is having the dogs, she has offered to have them in her home or she'll have them in her home in the day time and bring them back every evening for the same money. If she has them at home all the tine shel'l come in once a day and feed the cat do his tray etc.
I trying to make the dogs walkers life easy, so obviously having them in her home all the time would be better for her but I can't decide if the cat will be lonely without the dogs or couldn't care less.
Any thoughts?

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