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Chemotherapy for cats

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GaryBarlowsunderwear Thu 11-May-17 08:11:37

I wondered if anyone had any experience of giving their cat chemotherapy.

Our cat is 14 and has just been diagnosed with cancer. The tumour is affecting her absorption of food and she's been very sick in recent weeks. She's also been losing weight (unsurprisingly). As a result she had a scan yesterday where they found the tumour and we're just waiting for the biopsy results. My husband and I had discussed the likely outcomes before the scan because we suspected it was cancer and agreed that we didn't want anything invasive to happen to her we would rather let her go now as she's clearly suffering. She's also arthritic in her elbows (and we can no longer give her painkillers because of her sickness and the tumour) and deaf. It just felt like the right thing. However the vet is suggesting chemotherapy to give her another 6 months or so. They have said that chemotherapy doesn't make cats sick and will take her back to how she was a month ago and whilst it won't cure her it will give her a few more quality months. We're now considering this but any sign she's not enjoying life and we'll let her go. I was wondering if anyone else had given their cat chemotherapy and how well they cope with it day to day.

Toddlerteaplease Thu 11-May-17 08:41:59

No advice I'm afraid but I had a cancer scare with one of mine a few months ago and talked about chemo. The vet said that chemo is generally well tolerated however some cats don't tolerate it well and it does make them ill. He also said that lymphoma is really the only type of cancer he would treat. I decided if it was that that she could have one round and see how she went. Fortunately it wasn't cancer. But she is a 6 year old otherwise healthy cat. Your girl has more issues. TBH I don't think I would do it to a 14 year old anyway. Hugs to you. And flowersflowers

DancingLedge Thu 11-May-17 08:54:27

I would not do this to a 14yr old cat who is already in pain.
I know it's very hard, but be kind to her, and say goodbye gracefully.
(Former vet nurse)

GaryBarlowsunderwear Thu 11-May-17 10:26:38

That's exactly the dilemma and one we didn't want to consider before. We have a lot to think about and we don't have much time. Thanks for your perspectives.

Kokusai Thu 11-May-17 15:15:23

I agree with DancingLedge

Shes had a good life. Time to say goodbye.

Kokusai Thu 11-May-17 15:16:17

My reply is strongly influenced by how rough chemo is for humans (family members). I wouldn't wish that on my cat because really it would be for my benefit of having him around longer for me.

GaryBarlowsunderwear Thu 11-May-17 19:11:27

Thanks all, the vet is visiting our house tomorrow so she can be pts without being stressed. I chatted with them on the phone today and discussed the options and it was clear that this was the right decision even though it's heart breaking.

GaryBarlowsunderwear Thu 11-May-17 19:26:02

...when I say chatted I clearly meant sobbed my way through a pretty one sided conversation.

DancingLedge Thu 11-May-17 20:22:55

Home is the best place.

Wolfiefan Thu 11-May-17 20:24:56

I'm so sorry for your poor baby. FWIW my mum did choose to do chemo for a younger cat. It was bloody awful. She said she would never do it again.
Thinking of you tonight and tomorrow. flowers

Toddlerteaplease Thu 11-May-17 21:38:27

I think you've made the right decision. Terrible though it is. flowersflowers

LoveForTulips Thu 11-May-17 21:42:23

I understand you have already made your decision, and FWIW I believe it is the right one. But chemotherapy does make animals sick, especially if they're already clinically unwell before starting. I know this because it's what I do every day, and I do appreciate they gave you the option as a lot of people so not consider it for their cats!
Thinking of you flowers

DramaAlpaca Thu 11-May-17 21:43:38

I am absolutely certain you've made the right decision OP, and I know how hard that is. I'm sorry flowers

chemenger Fri 12-May-17 07:14:15

You are doing the right thing, so hard for you but so much better for her. flowers.

WinnerWinnerChickenDinner0 Fri 12-May-17 07:24:44

So sad for you, but you made a really kind selfless decision for your old friend.

I worked in a veterinary hospital that did quite a lot of chemo. It is great in some cases, but I would have done the same as you in your cats case. It is heartbreaking flowers

Vinorosso74 Fri 12-May-17 08:26:02

I'm sorry to read this but you've made the kindest decision for her flowers

Wolfiefan Fri 12-May-17 15:38:31

Thinking of you today OP. flowers

GaryBarlowsunderwear Fri 12-May-17 16:34:36

Thank you.

It was quick and peaceful and absolutely the right thing to do. Thanks for the support and advice.

ChrisPrattsFace Fri 12-May-17 16:53:24

Sending you flowers

Wolfiefan Fri 12-May-17 16:55:28

I'm glad it was peaceful. You may be suffering now. But she isn't. It's the last greatest act of love. flowers

DancingLedge Fri 12-May-17 19:14:07


ASDismynormality Fri 12-May-17 19:17:16

You are doing the best for her flowers

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