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Cookie and Biscuit!

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TheCatOfAthenry Sun 30-Apr-17 15:11:50

So Cookie is getting a little brother!

Just needed to share. He's not ready for a few weeks, but he's amazing.


Weedsnseeds1 Sun 30-Apr-17 15:54:01

I love the woozy,"who woke me up?" expression!

HemanOrSheRa Sun 30-Apr-17 15:56:57

Eek! Kitten tummy! So cute. And the little tongue sticking out grin. And lovely Cookie all snuggled up - gorgeous photo smile.

TheCatOfAthenry Sun 30-Apr-17 16:11:46

Cookie is a rescue and her nipples were big when we got her. She has since started carrying around a toy kitten. I wonder was she pregnant when they spayed her?

I brought the toy with me to meet Biscuit and Cookie was extra excited when it came back smelling like kitten! Purred like mad at his photo too.

She's young herself so very playful. Feliway at the ready. He's coming during my week of annual leave so hoping to introduce gently!

HemanOrSheRa Sun 30-Apr-17 16:30:50

She may have been. Although we had a neutered boy cat who used to carry around one of my sister's cuddly toy kittens. It was pink and white. He would cry and yowl if he couldn't find it. He wore out the scruff of the pink baby's neck from carrying it around smile. I think it's quite common.

Sounds like Cookie is up for the new addition. She really looks so cozy all tucked up in bed smile.

Weedsnseeds1 Sun 30-Apr-17 16:46:18

Mine carries things around in his mouth, but mainly because he's fantasising about killing them, rather than any dreams of denied fatherhood, I think!

HemanOrSheRa Sun 30-Apr-17 17:01:35

Weeds grin. I'm sure he has a softer side! It's the dog here with her 'babies'. Little cuddly babies everywhere. Some more unusual than others confused.

Weedsnseeds1 Sun 30-Apr-17 17:12:34

He's the softest, friendliest cat ever. It's just that his hobby is hunting....

dudsville Sun 30-Apr-17 17:21:19


TheCatOfAthenry Sun 30-Apr-17 20:27:08

Aww, they all sound fabulous.

Cookie's nipples have shrunk again. She's also licking the toy cat tenderly (bites other toys) and looks all hopeful when we squeeze it to make it meow.

Maybe she's not maternal, and maybe this'll be an utter disaster, but I'm all excited! grin

TheCatOfAthenry Mon 15-May-17 22:35:50

They've played together all evening with only the odd hiss, so success so far.

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