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Lactating cat has diarrhoea - advice needed

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Pepsi13max Sun 30-Apr-17 12:28:55

Hi, I have been waiting for the vet to ring me back but I would appreciate some advice in the meantime!

I have adopted a cat who has just had 4 kittens - approx 3 weeks old but not exactly sure. Long story but they have been with me for a week. They are doing well and the mum has been feeding well, but has had watery diarrhoea 3-4 times a day for 2 days. She is taking 4 pouches of wet food a day and a bit of dry, it's hard to tell if she is drinking from her bowl but our kitchen tap drips and she is up there a lot. She looks well and has been affectionate and bright/alert, and hungry. I though I was doing her a favour and fed her some chopped cooked chicken and tinned tuna a few days ago, but worried now it has caused the diarrhoea. Her poo was normal until 2 days ago.

So, should I be worried about this and will it settle now she is back on normal cat food? I'm thinking she might need pro biotics? Will it affect the kittens? They seem to be feeding regularly and look well.

She is booked in to be spayed on the 17th May. The vet advised me when I got her this was best as she may have been outdoors during the 2 weeks after giving birth. So I've planned to start the kittens on kitten milk this week. I'm keeping 2 of them and obviously will be getting them neutered as soon as possible. My mum is taking the other 2 when they are older and will be doing the same. We had not planned to be cat owners but I have been converted quickly to a cat lover smile

Sorry for all the questions! But I often lurk here and thought you guys could help. Thanks in advance.

dementedpixie Sun 30-Apr-17 13:14:23

What food is she having? I think kitten food is recommended for lactating queens.

dementedpixie Sun 30-Apr-17 13:16:18

I got pro kolin paste from the vet when one of my kittens was a bit loose. I think it has probiotics

thecatneuterer Sun 30-Apr-17 13:17:45

I would try ruling out a cereal intolerance which is very common in cats. Butchers Classic tinned food is cereal-free (and cheap) and if you feed nothing but that (no dry) it sometimes clears up diarrhoea. Boiled chicken is also fine. And if you can just give boiled chicken until you can get your hands on Butchers that would probably be beneficial.

Give it a go for a few days.

You could try probiotics but I would just try going cereal free first.

isseywithcats Sun 30-Apr-17 13:19:45

quite often queen cats have worms and this can cause the runs when was the last time she was wormed it might be worth asking the vet about how old the kittens have to be, our rescue feeds mom cats royal canin babycat dry food maybe decrease the wet pouches and increase the dry, you can get royal canin at pets at home, but put her on plain chicken or boiled white fish only for a couple of days and if it dosent improve take her to the vets to explore other avenues

thecatneuterer Sun 30-Apr-17 13:22:28

Could point from Issey. I was assuming, as she had come from a rescue, that she had already been wormed. But if not then that needs doing.

And yes boiled chicken and white fish for a few days is probably the best course of action.

thecatneuterer Sun 30-Apr-17 13:22:46

Good point - not could point

Pepsi13max Sun 30-Apr-17 13:24:23

Thanks very much for the replies I really appreciate it. She is on Whiskas regular cat pouches but I can nip out and get some chicken or see if our local pet shop is open. I doubt she has been wormed recently but I'll check with the vet when this can be done. I feel so sorry for her as she seems to hate using the litter tray but I don't want to let her out until she is spayed and it's all too new for her here.

Thanks again smile

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