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Rescue cat

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DoingTheBestICan Sat 29-Apr-17 13:20:23

So we have fallen in love with a gorgeous little lady from our local rescue centre, we went Thursday pm to reserve her and are now waiting for the phone call to do the home visit. It's agony waiting for the phone to ring, daft question but how long roughly does it take from reservation to bringing them home?

Supersmith Sat 29-Apr-17 13:29:21

Hi, me and DP just adopted a cat from our local RSPCA. We went to have a look Friday before last, reserved her there and then and we had to wait for a house visit. The visit was on the following Wednesday, it was a volunteer who visited and it was about 10 minutes. She asked questions like if we had experience looking after cats, would it be outdoor indoor and where the nearest main road is. She seemed impressed and called the centre with us present to say it was all in order. We asked if we could take her home that day and they said sure,they don't often do that but it must have been a quiet day up there.
We've had her for 4days and she is settled nicely, due to her affectionate nature. Currently curled up on the settee with me purring away.

DoingTheBestICan Sat 29-Apr-17 13:35:15

We've never had a cat before but we live in a quiet cul de sac with a secure garden so fingers crossed we pass the visit. Can't wait to have my little furry friend home with us.

thecatneuterer Sat 29-Apr-17 13:37:24

That's almost impossible to say. Most rescues are underfunded and overstretched and don't have enough people to do anything, including home visits. So it can take a while to get home visit organised, so do be patient - they will be doing their best I'm sure.

Generally as soon as the home visit is done you can pick your cat up right away. All rescue centres are different though, but all rely on donations and volunteers and can't generally throw money at problems to get things to happen with lightening speed. Hopefully it won't take long but, if there is a wait, I'm sure it will be worth it.

DoingTheBestICan Sat 29-Apr-17 13:42:02

It's a lovely rescue centre and we will be buying all of our cats bed toys food etc from there to support them.
This may be outing but I went this week with my learners to volunteer and after taking some of the dogs for a walk we were shown round and despite not really being a cat person I saw her and my heart just melted, she's so beautiful and meowy, we love her already.

Lemond1fficult Sat 29-Apr-17 13:47:19

Just had to chip in here - don't bother buying a cat bed. They'll sleep on it once, tops. For cat's, the world is their bed.

Get lots of toys instead. Mine likes ones that squeak realistically or rustle, and things you can drag around while they chase them.

thecatneuterer Sat 29-Apr-17 14:04:11

Awww. Sounds lovely. I'm sure you'll all be very happy together.

DoingTheBestICan Sat 29-Apr-17 14:19:38

Thank you, it was funny you mention her bed as on the form we had to fill in it asks 'where will your cat sleep?' I've answered 'anywhere she wants to'

thecatneuterer Sat 29-Apr-17 14:25:08

Ha ha. And that definitely is The Right Answer.

Asmoto Sat 29-Apr-17 14:28:26

Please could you post a pic for us one she is home and settled in? smile

Asmoto Sat 29-Apr-17 14:28:55


NickMyLipple Sat 29-Apr-17 14:30:31

My cat loves his bed!!!

HeadDreamer Sat 29-Apr-17 14:32:50

I have adopted two and neither play with toys. And don't even mention the bed. They both prefer going outside to play.

Wolfiefan Sat 29-Apr-17 14:36:29

You will definitely pass that home check. Right answer cat slave!!
Good luck. Hope puss is home soon.

DoingTheBestICan Sat 29-Apr-17 15:11:55

Of course I'll post a pic, she's a Bengal and has the most stunning eyes, I love her

thecatneuterer Sat 29-Apr-17 15:25:42

A Bengal! That's a brave step for a novice cat slave

Asmoto Sat 29-Apr-17 15:28:33

You'll never be bored again with a Bengal in your life grin

DoingTheBestICan Sat 29-Apr-17 15:34:16

She's an old lady so I'm hoping she is nice and calm...
I'm on my phone so hopefully I've attached a pic of her

DoingTheBestICan Sat 29-Apr-17 15:35:30

I'm quite happy being her cat slave grin

isseywithcats Sat 29-Apr-17 15:37:31

awww shes georgous

Asmoto Sat 29-Apr-17 15:37:55

Ooh, she's beautiful! What a gorgeous coat and such soulful eyes! She's got that 'scoop me up for a cuddle' then after thirty seconds I'll wriggle away look.

DoingTheBestICan Sat 29-Apr-17 15:41:13

We love her so much, when we went into her room she was sleeping in her little tent bed and all we could see were her eyes, she immediately jumped out and started rubbing herself on our legs, meowing and purring at us. She is very vocal!

Asmoto Sat 29-Apr-17 15:52:31

Vocal cats are wonderful. I always try to make the same noises back to mine that they make to me so we have little 'conversations'. I expect I'm talking complete nonsense in cat and thus affirming their sense of superiority grin.

GinAndOnIt Sat 29-Apr-17 15:59:15

If you want her to have a cat bad, you must bring it home and firmly tell her it is not for her. She will sleep in it at every opportunity grin

Hope you get her home soon! I can't help, we didn't have a home visit?! So we picked our boy on the Thursday, and collected him on the Sunday.

GinAndOnIt Sat 29-Apr-17 15:59:39

Cat bed*

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