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Vet in Chester west area with experience of gingivitis problems?

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hellsbells99 Mon 24-Apr-17 15:16:00

Can anyone recommend a vet with lots of knowledge of calicivirus and gingivitis problems? I have an 8 month old kitten that has already had 2 lots of antibiotics and again her breath stinks. She won't let me clean her teeth - I put the gel on her paw to lick off. I am adding plaque off to her food. She won't eat dried food, only wet. I suspect we now need to go down the route of testing for calicivirus and blood tests. And may ultimately need teeth removing etc. But I am thinking of changing vets as my current one is a very small practise and always very busy. Any recommendations please?

hellsbells99 Mon 24-Apr-17 17:09:56

Can anyone recommend a good vet please? Thanks

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