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Eosinophilic Granuloma

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DonkeyExplosion Mon 24-Apr-17 13:43:53

Does anyone have any experience of this condition?

We got our adorable rescue kittens (littermates) from CPL before Christmas, and they are now around 6 months old.

For a little while the female has been getting mouth ulcers on her lips and sweeling of various sizes along her mouth. They would only heal with vetinary treatment but as soon as one went and the range of the anti biotic or anti inflammatory wore off, another would appear. Ultimately a biopsy was done and this condition - Eospinophilic Granuloma - was diagnosed.

At the time of diagnosis when the biospy result was in, she was given a steroid injection (she had another new swelling in the time between the biopsy and the results) and I have to take her back in 4-6 weeks for potentially another injection (thought the vet did say they don't like to give more than about 4 per year). The vet said that given the hitory of her recurrences the steroid is likely to be a long term thing, that sometimes over time their efficacy can decrease so they may need to look at potentially other immunosupressing drugs.

Does anyone have experience of living with a cat with this condition? I guess I'm thinking about things like if your cat needs back to back treatment or if you get periods of respite, if the steroid is completely effective or if you get issues needing treatment on top, if the steroid is actually effective or if you've had to move drugs, side effects etc.... Also, she is insured and we're putting together a claim this week to send off - how were your insurance company about this condition and ongoing treatment?

Many thanks for any help. I feel so sad for her sad

DonkeyExplosion Tue 25-Apr-17 11:07:25

Can anyone help?

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