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Grubby cat - is this normal?

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Puffinsareblackandwhite Sat 22-Apr-17 23:32:44

PuffinCat has a new found love for the garden Great Outdoors. She really loves rolling around in the soil (fortunately only when it's dry). However. She used to be black and white, but now she's more black and grey... She does groom and gets some of the dust off, but she seems permanently dulled and her paws are mucky. Her white fur just isn't as white as it used to be. Is this normal? Should she always be grooming herself until she's perfectly clean and is this cause for worry? Should we clean her? If so, how?

Trustyourself2 Sun 23-Apr-17 20:18:29

It is normal. You can comb her to help get rid of some of the dust. If she stayed inside for a few days, not suggesting you do this, her white fur would become clean again fairly quickly. My white cat is pretty much an in door cat now, so her fur is clean looking, but when she used to go out, she'd get grubby very quickly and loved dust baths.

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