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New cat family - need more advice please.

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Pinkkahori Thu 20-Apr-17 11:01:48

Following on from my previous thread our newborn kittens are now 4 days old and are doing well.
They have gained weight and their mom (stray cat that adopted us) seems to be doing a great job with them.
I need some advice about a few things though.

They are still on a blanket in the floor of my utility room. It is not an ideal location as I can't access the room easily and also as they get bigger and more mobile it won't be safe.
Any advice on what kind of bed/area would be suitable?
I'm thinking of some kind of large bed in a box but no idea what would be best.
How do I safely move the kittens? Mother cat seems fine with us being near them even when she leaves the room but I don't want to interfere too much and cause problems.
Aargh - I think I am in over my head.
What would experienced cat people do at this stage?

Allergictoironing Fri 21-Apr-17 07:51:02

Not an experienced kitten person, but met plenty & a cardboard box with one side cut away to a couple of inches high lined with old towels or her blanket should be fine.

Get the mother used to you handling the kittens & picking them up - she's obviously decided that you are her new slave so will trust you with them. She should be fine with you then just picking them up & carrying them into the new box, ideally where she can see what you are doing.

You're doing really great, mother & babies seem to be fit & healthy. You may want to have a read up on what food to give lactating mother cats as obviously she's feeding a lot more than herself now.

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