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This is his strangest one yet

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WicksEnd Mon 17-Apr-17 10:27:43

My Dcat has kidney disease. He's on a special diet and takes blood pressure tablets. Since his diagnosis he has developed some bizarre behaviour!
He finds a place to sleep and will not be swayed to move form it. He spent a month in the bathroom sink, a month on the mantel piece, a month on top of a mirrored cabinet but his latest choice is his litter tray sad
He uses the tray for his cat business then goes to sleep in it. He stinks 😷
I can't persuade him out of it. When I empty it he just sits and looks at it until I fill it up, then curls up and goes to sleep.
My DH manages to get him to sit with him for a cuddle, but he'll only sit wrapped round his neck 😂 Which DH can only take so much of because he smells so bad.
Wtf is going on? Any ideas?
There wasn't a change in his last bloods, he's drinking a lot of water though, I'll take him to the vet again this week but just wondered if anyone has any thoughts?

thecatneuterer Mon 17-Apr-17 10:54:34

That really is very odd and I have no idea what's going on. Can you get him another litter tray and put it next to the current one so that he can perhaps choose to sleep in the less smelly one?

WicksEnd Mon 17-Apr-17 11:06:15

Yes, I can try that, I'm guessing he'd end up pooing in both though!
Its very strange behaviour isn't it? He's in there now, just had a good dig and got in again, but yes I'll make him an official 'litter bed' and see what he does. Poor boy sad

Trustyourself2 Mon 17-Apr-17 11:13:27

Purely on a practical level, would it help to keep a clean litter tray beside the soiled one, for him to lie in? Is there another cat in your house who he's trying to prevent from using the tray? Sometimes cats lie in their litter trays when they've nowhere to hide. If you put a box with a blanket in, next to the litter tray or somewhere quiet and safe for him, he might like that.

You're right to take him to the vet, as his behaviour seems like he's trying to tell you something.

Toddlerteaplease Mon 17-Apr-17 12:14:17

Snorg did that when she was very poorly and in hospital. They gave her another tray to sit in and one to pee in! I think she must have felt safe in it.

WicksEnd Mon 17-Apr-17 12:18:21

I've put him a pillow and a blanket next to it, but he chooses the litter tray. I can't quite describe how territorial he becomes over his choice of the month sleeping wise. He runs to it after eating, when it was the mantel piece he'd send stuff flying to get on it in a hurry.
I do have another cat (brother) he doesn't use the litter tray.
The only pattern I can come up with is that all his places are 'cool' in temperature.
Sink/marble/glass/granite. But the litter tray is an odd one. I'm getting through a lot of litter with his disposable bed choice!

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