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Think cat has wee infection

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MrsSchadenfreude Sun 16-Apr-17 08:07:42

He has just yowled loudly and pissed all over me and the bed. Vet not open till Tuesday. Can anyone recommend an emergency vet in London? Don't know what public transport is like today, but anywhere in Central or south London would be accessible.

Poor pussy - I thought his box was a bit whiffy earlier, but he has seemed fine in himself until now.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 16-Apr-17 08:30:05

Your own vet will be staffed today or they'll be using another vet practice nearby to provide cover.

TroysMammy Sun 16-Apr-17 08:32:31

Ring the vet, the answerphone message will advise what to do in an emergency. This is an emergency.

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 16-Apr-17 08:34:27

Their ooo message gives details of an emergency clinic that is absolutely miles away and difficult to access by public transport. Think I have found somewhere closer, am going to give them a call.

Trustyourself2 Sun 16-Apr-17 10:05:40

Do you have any painkillers - Loxicom or otherwise - to give until you get to the vet? Did you manage to find a vet?

It's always useful to have painkiller just for these occasions. My cat goes through phases of having cystitis and the vet has told me to give her Loxicom.

They certainly choose their moments, don't they!

Macarena1990 Sun 16-Apr-17 10:08:49

I have almost a whole box of loxicom, only used one dose when my girl had a water infection a couple of months back. I'm in west London if that's any good?

MrsSchadenfreude Sun 16-Apr-17 10:29:11

Oh you are kind, Macarena! Just back from vet. She has given him a pain killing anti-inflammatory injection and we have Loxicon to give him. She didn't think it was an infection, although unable to take a wee sample (no shit!) as he had no temperature. She said we should go to our regular vet next week to check for crystals, and he may need to go on a special diet. So will book appointment for next Friday when they open again on Tuesday.

Really glad we could get him seen quickly, and he already seems a bit happier in himself.

Macarena1990 Sun 16-Apr-17 21:31:57

Ahh pleased you managed to get something sorted. I noticed an immediate improvement in her with the anti-inflammatories too.

Could he be stressed? Fairly sure that is what caused it here.

MrsSchadenfreude Mon 17-Apr-17 00:24:51

The yowling has stopped and he has been using his box today. He's curled up on his blanket at the bottom of the bed now. He's spent most of the day sitting with me and enjoying a bit of a fuss. Fingers crossed for a pee free night as I don't have another duvet!

I don't think it is stress, but who knows? I can't think of anything that might be stressing him.

Macarena1990 Mon 17-Apr-17 15:10:57

The vet said to me that urine infections are frequently stress-related.. we identified the trigger to be a Tom who kept invading our garden looking for a fight and pee-ing all over her!! We kept her in for a bit and thankfully the rogue has disappeared!!

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