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cats fighting/spraying

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chriswon Thu 13-Apr-17 12:52:40

Complicated so will try to be brief!

We inherited/adopted cat from next door neighbours who've since moved. They weren't very nice to him and never let him in so he spent most of his time outside.

He is now in all the time more or less and loves his home comforts. It seems as though he's never used a litter tray or a cat flap and we are really struggling to get him to do either.

We adopted another cat from a rescue a few months after the first one. Did all the usual stuff re gradual introductions.

Both are neutered males.

Cat 1 is spraying all over the house. I have never seen him "pee" normally - only spray. We don't know if he was ever litter trained.

Cat 2, who came litter trained but now usually goes in the garden, has occasionally started spraying too, seemingly in response to Cat 1.

Mostly they tolerate one another - they'll sleep on same bed or on different chairs in same room, but it often breaks out into a fight - we come home to clumps of fur and scratches. They seem to be fighting more and more.

How can we stop cat 1 from spraying? We have tried feliway etc and it doesn't seem to make any difference to them. We have two trays and they both have access to garden.

It's all becoming bit miserable/stressful (for them as well as us).

Has anyone got any advice?

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