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Weaning 4 week old kittens,

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HalfShellHero Wed 12-Apr-17 08:50:54

I've got all the stuff , ready to go just wondering is it best to feed all separately (litter of 4 ) or put bowl down in front of all of them ..will seperatI get from mum whilst feedingredients them be necessary she keeps interruptingredients and pinning them down to feed confused any advice would be much appreciated smile x

HalfShellHero Wed 12-Apr-17 08:51:59

*sorry auto type will separating from mum be necessary

Handbaghag Wed 12-Apr-17 08:55:59

Yes, move mum out of the room as her appetite is increased anyway and she'll just go for the food. With one particular litter that were hesitant(and at 4 weeks they may not be quite ready... Takes a couple of weeks) I bought some kitten milk, mashed a bit into the kitten food and put in in the microwave for a few seconds.. The smell it gives off is greater if slightly warm. Good luck!

Handbaghag Wed 12-Apr-17 08:56:45

And don't forget to feed mum an increased amount of food.. Some say you should give her kitten food too because of higher protein content 😊

HalfShellHero Wed 12-Apr-17 13:28:06

Thankyou ive been feedI get her kitten food for a bit actually , Googles your friend! She's doing a lot of eating the gruel/milk and sabotage! If she had it her they'd just constantly be on the tit! They were playing lovely getting lots of energy out and she was getting quite vocal and trying to pin them down and laying out for them to feed 15 mins after the last one but if I'm not in much I bet it's just constant, I given a few stern "and you can pack that in!" When she's layed out before cuz they'll never wean that way , they are big kittens certainly getting enough.

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