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Does anyone else have a teenager?

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DanceTheBlues Wed 05-Apr-17 01:01:18

I've got a shouty, moody cat who doesn't appreciate my curfew. He's 18-24 months (rescue so no idea of his true age) and I'm sure he's going through his truculent teenage years.

There's a ginger lady who keeps appearing in our garden and Oliver is smitten with her. They're both neutered but he follows her everywhere and moans when we lock the cat flap at night to stop him getting out to see her.

Is there anything else we can do at night to stop him crying after her? I appreciate he might have found true love but I don't want him wandering off at night! It's adorable to see them both and I know they're both neutered but I worry about him wandering all night because I'm neurotic

DanceTheBlues Wed 05-Apr-17 01:04:19

Here's a picture to encourage discussion!

ThePlatypusAlwaysTriumphs Wed 05-Apr-17 01:17:21

I have a teenage cat but he's 18.5 years! And a curmudgeonly old get! I also have 2 younger cats, one of whom often stays out all night. We are putting a catflap in the garage so he has somewhere to shelter. Cats tend to do what they want. You do realize you are just his slave? 😀

Trustyourself2 Wed 05-Apr-17 10:14:24

Well, I can see why she's smitten with him! He's the cat's meow!! I think you just have to keep telling yourself that you're the boss yeah, right when it comes to "in time". Have you tried a little treat toy? Maybe that'll distract him for a while and playing with him as soon as you manage to get him in?

Where does ginge live? Maybe you could have a chat with her family and see if they can keep her inside at night as well?

DanceTheBlues Wed 05-Apr-17 11:00:03

Ooh those Kong toys look brill, thanks! That should distract him so he's not pining at the cat flap, staring out wistfully.

He's always been good at coming inside at night when I go to bed but his new lady friend seems to be a bad influence. I'm not sure where she lives but I'll keep an eye out.

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