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Kittens- what do I need to know.

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weeinpeace Sat 01-Apr-17 12:10:43

Apart from get them from a rescue and make sure they are neutered.

Thinking about getting 2 kittens- fwiw I live on a v.quiet side street backing out onto woodland.

What about stuff like food- do I need special kitten food. If not then what's the best food to feed.

Litter tray training. How?

Insurance, what's the best one to get that pays direct to the vet, ideally we don't want one where we have to pay and claim back.

Anything else I need to know?

dementedpixie Sat 01-Apr-17 16:13:38

We got ours in a private sale as none of the rescues had kittens available. They were 8 weeks old and their mum had already litter trained them so we didn't really need to do anything for that.

I give kitten food- I had bought supermarket stuff but they have grains and added sugars and a lack of proper named meat so I have bought higher meat stuff from zooplus and bitiba instead. Have used bozita food (is swedish) and currently phasing in feringa food which I think is from Germany.

Mine have just been neutered at just over 4 months and have been microchipped too. Insurance is through tesco

ifonly4 Sat 01-Apr-17 16:58:43

Firstly, I would check what they're already eating and get them some of that in so they have something familiar. You can slowly change it over to a kitten food if you prefer after a few days.

I haven't got any tips for litter training, other than to again use what they're used to having around. We did put lots of paper down but didn't need any in the end.

A nice cosy quiet place for sleeping especially the first few days. We just gave ours a box with a window to climb in and out with a towel inside.

I'd also look into microchipping. Neither of mine has ever gone totally missing, but my lad has gone off for a couple of days at a time and I'm glad he had a microchip just in case he was found.

isseywithcats Sat 01-Apr-17 20:41:10

if your thinking of a pair a brother and sister combo would probably be best as the girl will always be the boss lol
by the time they are ready to go from mom they are litter friendly cats generally like digging in litter trays
at the rescue i work for we dont give kitten food as adult food is just slightly lower in protien butchers is cereal free but give them good kitten biscuits like james wellbeloved
dont give them milk most cats are lactose intolerant plain fresh water available at all times
dont bother with fancy beds a couple of nice fluffy blankets on your sofa as that is where they will probably go anyway
at this time of year rescues have a lot of kittens who are coming up for right age so maybe you will have to wait a few weeks
get on lists at rescues now so you will be notified when kittens ready
think little children watch out for things they can chew like loose wires bits of plastic on the floors
most rescues neuter chip and vaccinate nowadays neuter can be done from 1kg in wheight onwards
be consistent with where you feed them same place each day
lots of toys like cat nip mice ping pong balls are good da bird feather on stick type toys
a decent big scratching post
cant think of anything else off hand

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