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My beautiful old lady is gone

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Littlemissindependent Fri 31-Mar-17 10:55:57

My beautiful 19 year old lady had to be pts this morning sad her back legs were failing her and this morning she lost the ability to go to the toilet at all. I know it was the kindest thing for her but I feel so so awful. And now I have to go to my Grandad's funeral. How much can one person cope with it one day?

ArcheryAnnie Fri 31-Mar-17 11:00:08

Oh, I am so sorry, Littlemiss. It's hard, but you know that you did the right thing by her, if she was in pain. Too many people let their pets struggle on for too long. This must be so hard when you are already grieving for your Granddad.

Have you got any lovely photos of her you'd like to share? Or anything you can tell us about her?

HairsprayBabe Fri 31-Mar-17 11:00:48

flowers Poor you, such a tough day. You did the best thing for her and I am sure you gave her a very happy, and extremely long life.

MsMims Fri 31-Mar-17 11:03:42

I'm so sorry Littlemiss flowers

Even when you know it's the right thing to do, it's still awful to lose them.

ElizaDontlittle Fri 31-Mar-17 12:24:14

What a very painful day for you, bless you. I hope you can have a good cry and look after yourself this evening. So hard to lose your cat-family-friend, and I am sorry too for the loss of your grandfather. flowers

Reow Fri 31-Mar-17 12:29:48

So sorry flowers

She had a lovely long life.

Sounds like you need a massive glass of wine after the funeral wine

OliviaStabler Fri 31-Mar-17 12:30:08

So sorry flowers

Vinorosso74 Fri 31-Mar-17 12:43:38

I'm sorry to read this RIP beautiful girl. What a difficult day, I hope the funeral goes ok flowers

Littlemissindependent Fri 31-Mar-17 13:01:30

My beautiful Leaf sad

ArcheryAnnie Fri 31-Mar-17 13:04:01

Oh, she was gorgeous!

HairsprayBabe Fri 31-Mar-17 13:30:18

Oh what a beautiful fur baby flowers I am so sorry for all your losses OP

TroysMammy Fri 31-Mar-17 13:43:45

So sorry flowers

Penfold007 Fri 31-Mar-17 13:54:34

Littlemiss I am so very sorry for both your losses. Leaf was indeed an elegant and beautiful cat. Take a moment at your grandad's funeral to remember Leaf flowers

Weedsnseeds1 Fri 31-Mar-17 14:06:28

Oh, those ears! She was gorgeous, a proper little Sootica the witch's cat.

Trustyourself2 Fri 31-Mar-17 15:12:30

So sorry for the loss of Leaf and your grandfather. Thinking of you today.

OliviaStabler Fri 31-Mar-17 17:20:43

What a beautiful cat.

GRW Fri 31-Mar-17 18:07:36

I am sorry for the loss of your beautiful cat and your grandfather. I hope the funeral went well today.

Mumtobe12 Fri 31-Mar-17 18:13:31

She was gorgeous it's never easy even when you know it best for them.

HelenaDove Fri 31-Mar-17 18:24:37

OP Im so sorry for the loss of your beautiful elegant cat. And for the loss of your Grandad.

My beautiful girl was PTS the week before Halloween She was 15 and a half and had similar problems.

They leave their beautiful pawprints on our hearts. thanks

PosiePootlePerkins Fri 31-Mar-17 19:47:45

Ah what an elegant old girl. RIP dear pussflowers

BerylStreep Fri 31-Mar-17 20:52:49

What a beautiful elegant cat - was she part Burmese?

It's awful to lose them - they make their way into your family and heart, don't they.

wine flowers

bigtapdancingpimp Fri 31-Mar-17 21:55:15

Sorry for your loss, your little girl was so beautiful.

Pretty little face, I bet she was a monkey xxx

Littlemissindependent Sat 01-Apr-17 06:01:02

Even without my furry little alarm clock I was still awake at 4.30. Right around when she'd wake me up every morning walking all over me and howling to be fed. I've never known a cat howl like she did.
I think I know it was the kindest decision to make, especially yesterday when her bowels/bladder seemed to just stop working but it doesn't ease the guilt. I hate having to be the one to make that decision and never knowing if it was too early or not sad

HemanOrSheRa Sat 01-Apr-17 06:10:25

Oh bless you Littlemiss I am so sorry sad. Leaf was a beautiful girl. You did absolutely the right thing at the right time for your darling old girl flowers.

Puzzledandpissedoff Sat 01-Apr-17 18:54:10

What an absolutely stunning cat smile

I'm so very sorry, Littlemiss; of course you know you've done the right thing, but it doesn't make it hurt any less. Big hug to you flowers

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