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How do I stop cats peeing on my porch

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RadiatorWatch Tue 28-Mar-17 10:53:13

I live in a street where a few cats are resident, we don't have any pets.
Some cat/cats keep pissing all over my outside porch.
Does anyone have any (animal friendly) ideas on how to keep them away?

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MilkTwoSugarsThanks Tue 28-Mar-17 10:56:27

Cut a lemon or 2 in half and leave in your porch? Cats hate lemon.

thecatneuterer Wed 29-Mar-17 10:34:01

How do you know it's cats? Foxes do this at my house. The smell is similar but worse.

RedBugMug Wed 29-Mar-17 10:37:09

I put a little bio washing powder&water in a spray bottle when we had a stray tom in the area.

timtam23 Wed 29-Mar-17 23:18:32

A roaming local cat weed on my porch and front door mat. I had to throw the mat out but after washing the porch with a solution of white vinegar we haven't had any more problems. Also i bought a new doormat which i guess doesn't smell of cats (yet!)

thecatneuterer Wed 29-Mar-17 23:21:27

The only thing I've found that gets rid of cat urine smell (and I had tried everything - bio washing liquid, white vinegar, bicarb etc etc) was that MN favourite - Zoflora. The citrus one is particular good. But really it's a revelation.

BlueberryMarshmallow Wed 29-Mar-17 23:34:51

I'll second the chopped up lemon, litter training kittens was a disaster until I learnt this!

Olivia001 Tue 10-Sep-19 12:11:03

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