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Cattery Expectations

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PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 27-Mar-17 11:59:45

DH and I were talking about occasionally using a cattery rather than our cat sitter when we go away. It's cheaper and we'll know exactly where he is but why do I feel awful at the thought of doing it to him? We're going to look at one on Sunday and even the thought of leaving him away from home with people he doesn't know makes me want to cry.

If we decide to go down the cattery route are my expectations unrealistic (these are on top of the must have a sneeze barrier, must be heated etc):

He must have his usual food (I'm happy to supply)
He must be allowed to have his own bed and toys
I need to be able to phone or email to check he's OK

Chaotica Mon 27-Mar-17 12:03:34

You can go and look at them yourself. I did and found some where I was glad not to send my cat, and another which would probably suit you fine. (I don't like the idea of catteries either.) I think they vary a lot.

Eatingcheeseontoast Mon 27-Mar-17 12:07:49

They do vary a lot. There's on down the road from me that has webcams in the pens so you can log in at any time, a menu to tick what he wants and treats, provides cat grass and catnip and I'm not sure if I sent him there he'd want to come home.

You can also tell the ones who 'get' cats and understand their sociopathic little ways.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 27-Mar-17 12:29:14

I like the idea of webcams, although I'm not sure if it would cause me more stress! I've found one that looks lovely, but isn't much cheaper than my cat sitter and only takes cats for 5 days or more the first time they board. We have a few weekends away so that probably wouldn't work for us.

LapdanceShoeshine Mon 27-Mar-17 12:34:20

Definitely visit all the ones you're considering. I was quite shocked st what some were actually like compared with their websites.

An actual cattery, rather than kennels which also take cats, will be best as they are usually cat people. The one I used to use was a new purpose-built building, with Feliway plug-ins & nice smells & music, & an owner who adores cats & does reiki on them.

2 of mine loved it & used to have to be dragged out when we went to pick them up grin

I've stopped going only because it's a 30 minute winding drive & 2 cats are terrible travellers (wee, poo & panic)

JigglyTuff Mon 27-Mar-17 12:34:44

Your cat will be much happier in your home. Bluntly, if you can afford to go away, you can afford a cat sitter.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 27-Mar-17 12:37:58

Dh would have me ring every day but I've stopped all that now.

He has a great time, horses to watch, birds, stupid dogs to sneer at & other cats to hiss at.

They must like him because they went and bought their own pair of bengals after boarding him.

LapdanceShoeshine Mon 27-Mar-17 12:38:21

Oh, and we used to bring their own cat tree as well as toys & blankets (not beds because they spurn them).

They provided the wet food we use, but I took our dry food.

& reiki woman used to text me "from the cats"!

MsMims Mon 27-Mar-17 12:59:10

I've worked in catteries (both private businesses and rescue centres). Most cats cope, some hate it, but I've yet to meet one who really enjoys it. Some will greet you enthusiastically but as a sign of enjoying human interaction rather than the cattery experience. Whereas a dog might find mixing with lots of new, different dogs exciting and fun, cats rarely enjoy being in close quarters with other unknown cats.

Common for them not to eat for the first day which is a pretty clear sign of anxiety. Sadly a business I worked at told owners their cats had been absolutely fine even if they were clearly frightened throughout their stay, so I'd see a webcam as a boon so you can check for yourself how your pet is.

If you do visit one, turn up unexpectedly rather than booking a visit. Absolutely fine to use own food and bedding as the pen should be disinfected between cats anyway.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 27-Mar-17 12:59:56

Your cat will be much happier in your home. Bluntly, if you can afford to go away, you can afford a cat sitter.

Thank you for your opinion confused. Anyone who knows me knows that I always do the best for my cat. As you don't actually know what I pay for a cat sitter I'll make my own decision.

Thank you to everyone except Jiggly for your advice. I've found a couple I'm interested in looking at. There may be times my cat sitter won't be able to look after him so, even if we don't use a cattery at the moment (and we've booked her already for this year) it would be good to have an alternative.

LapdanceShoeshine Mon 27-Mar-17 13:16:53

This is my perfect one (called Purrfection in fact) grin

Compared with 2 others I've used, & several I've visited, it really is perfect & not even much more expensive.

RitaMills Mon 27-Mar-17 14:35:44

Go and visit them, some are an absolute abomination but some will meet your standards. The one we use is absolutely beautiful, cat has loads of space (heated indoors) and access to outdoors. It even smells nice. The nicer ones are quite expensive but it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 27-Mar-17 14:38:35

My cat doesn't like being on his own in the house, he's better off in a cattery.

Pinks cat is a very well cared for lad.

JigglyTuff Mon 27-Mar-17 15:02:32

Are you interested in MsMims' advice, given that she's pretty much said the same as me? It can't be that controversial surely to say that territorial animals aren't going to be happier locked in a cage for a week rather than being in their own home. Hissing at other cats isn't happy - it's stress.

I do appreciate needs must sometimes though. Check opening hours - the one I used was shut on Sundays!

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 27-Mar-17 15:31:54

When ours is stressed he gets UTIs. He's never had them from a cattery stay. And he uses his tray while he's there, when he's stressed he wees on the walls.

The week he's in a cattery is the only time he's not getting into fights.

He doesn't like visitors in the house and would freak out if a stranger was coming in.

Nonibaloni Mon 27-Mar-17 15:42:40

Our local cat rescue also boards and Tiger went there while we moved house (5 days).

When we visited it was not the flashiest from a human point of view but the woman in charge really understood cats and answered all my quieries. She also let me bring my own litter, well Tigers.

She assured me that all cats loose weights and they weigh them on the way in and out to make sure it's not too much.

Tiger put on 1/2 a pound. He genuinely enjoyed it, the staff played for certain amount of time every day but apparently they also went in during their breaks. (I suspect his is where his love of bread started).

I would use it again but we have 3 now and they will only do 2 to a pen.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 27-Mar-17 15:55:03

Jiggly, if you look at the times MsMims and I posted at the same time and I didn't see her reply.

My cat is pretty laid back about some things. When we used to stay at MIL's holiday cottage he used to come with us. He'd whinge on the journey but get out of his basket when we arrived and stroll around as if he owned the place!

We're going to Florida next month and we'll be using our cat sitter then. He'll probably have to be an indoor cat for the 2 weeks which is worrying me a bit but I don't think the cat proofing will be in place by then and I don't want him out when we're not there. I don't know if that's better or worse than a cattery to be honest as he usually likes to potter around outside.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 27-Mar-17 16:02:40

Thanks Fluffy, he is rather spoilt!

Vinorosso74 Mon 27-Mar-17 21:16:10

We only started using a cattery a couple of years ago. Our neighbour used to pop down to feed Vinocat and do the crossword with her but since she began with her "health issues" and needing medication the cattery seems the best option. I feel funny about a cat sitter coming in.
It is quite basic but it's part of our vets so should she need vet care they know her and vets and nurses are on hand. The cattery staff are great with the cats and they get to know their quirks, think they have quite a few regular senior kitties with various requirements.
I know she'd be happier at home but she gets on just fine there.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Tue 28-Mar-17 07:08:40

I have an update about the cattery search. I can't do it. I can't face the thought of dropping him off and saying goodbye to him. It's bad enough saying goodbye when we leave the house to go on holiday, I cry then!

If the cat proofing isn't finished by the time we go to Florida he can be a house cat for 2 weeks - he'll cope. If it is, he's got the run if his garden. Either way the cat sitter will be coming in twice a day so he'll see someone.

JigglyTuff Tue 28-Mar-17 08:36:17

You're probably not interested in my opinion but I'm sure your cat will be much happier. smile

I hated leaving mine at the cattery

MummaGiles Tue 28-Mar-17 08:47:38

I am probably being naive, but what outdoor cat proofing are you talking about?

PinkSparklyPussyCat Tue 28-Mar-17 09:22:40

I am Jiggly - sorry for being snappy yesterday! Last time we went to America the little sod went missing and caused us and the cat sitter so much worry that I was thinking at least I'd know where he is! We're probably going to make him an indoor cat for the 2 weeks, even if the cat proofing is in place just in case he finds a gap! Once it's been up a while when we're there I won't worry quite as much.

Mumma, we are putting netting on top of the fence to stop him getting out and other cats getting in. DH is doing it, but have a look at Secura Cat or Protect a Pet as that's the sort of thing he's doing.

JigglyTuff Tue 28-Mar-17 20:29:26

No, you were right to be snappy - I wasn't very kind. Sorry!

I'm not surprised you were thinking about a cattery if he went missing last time you were away - I know what that's like. Hopefully you can figure out a way of letting him out (could you try him with a collar and long lead? One of my friends does that with her pedigree cat)

EachandEveryone Tue 28-Mar-17 21:16:21

Where in the UK are you? No one cried as much as I did when I left her the first time. The second time was much easier and she ended up been there for two weeks as the builders were in. The cattery I use is recommended by the vets. It's on gorgeous land they can be inside or out and each one gets played with each day. Infact mine gets more fresh air and stimulation there than when I'm at work and she's in the flat on her own. I would not hesitate to use them again at £9 a day knowing that she's safe and looked after it's a bargain. The owner posts photos on instagram every day.

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