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Great Good Fortune!

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IAmcuriousyellow Wed 22-Mar-17 21:27:06

I was lucky enough to have the chance to take in a homeless Maine Coon two years ago, the glorious Dandelion Prince Of Orange, and blow me down i got a phone call on Monday about another one! This is an ex stud, a tabby MC, who's been living on a smallholding for a few years but prefers to be indoors (from spending a lot of time in a pen i expect) but whose minders are getting too busy to keep him company.. I'm going on Friday to "meet him" but if I don't come home with him I'll eat my hat.

So how should I introduce them? He's used to a litter box, which he can have, not my favourite but ok, and he can camp in the spare room while he settles, but shall I just let things take their course?

(One thing I'm looking forward to is that he's completely cool with grooming, not like D who is a savage and has to be held down like a criminal by the vet to have the mats clipped out!)

Trustyourself2 Fri 24-Mar-17 21:14:58

Did you bring him home with you?

I'd say to keep him in a separate room to begin with & introduce them slowly. Have new cat's food, water & litter tray in the room & leave him in the travel box in room with its door open for him to go in & out of it as he pleases. You could feed both of them on the other side of the door to each other, that's supposed to work. Give new cat something of Dandelion's to sniff & vice versa. Don't rush their introduction, but if they seem happy to be in each others company let them carryon.

Good luck and hope all's well.

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