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Bengal consideration, am I stupid?

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Autumnchill Wed 22-Mar-17 19:40:48

Colleague at work needs to re-home her 8yr old Bengal due to family illness.

I lost 2 beautiful elderly cats at the end of 2016 and am left with 10yr and 15yr old females. The 15yr old, has stepped into the void that my boy left and has become very affectionate, the 10yr old is very much on her terms!

I've always wanted a Bengal having had a semi-intelligent cat before but I just don't know about introducing such a cat into the home with the other 2 at that age.

I've approached my husband who said No, No, No, oh go on then!

Anyone have any experience and can advise. I know they are a handful and need to be indoors which is ok as the other 2 don't go out that much. The house is big enough for them to have their own space but these 2 have grown up together and I've never introduced a middle aged cat.

Help me decide please smile

RubbishMantra Wed 22-Mar-17 20:08:20

I don't think it's necessary to keep Bengals indoors. A regular poster on here has one, and he's a right little thug.

Before I moved, MCat's best mate was a Bengal. He'd stick his head through the window, and shout. Then they'd go off and do cat stuff together.

Autumnchill Wed 22-Mar-17 20:12:33

I thought despite being intelligent,mother 'road sense' wasn't up to much?

I think I want a character back in the house after losing my boy who we swear thought he was a dog!

Autumnchill Wed 22-Mar-17 20:12:51

God,knows what mother means!

EmmaC78 Wed 22-Mar-17 20:14:24

I definitely would not try and keep him indoors if he is used to being out. I have a Bengal and they are very high energy cats and are very vocal if they are not getting what they want. If he is used to going out and you try to keep him in then you may end up not getting much peace.

Saying that my Bengal is very loving and gets on fine with my other cats and the neighbours cats so I would say you should take it smile

Autumnchill Wed 22-Mar-17 20:22:08

I don't think he's a massive outdoor cat now. I recall she had a big run built for her cats a couple of years ago.

Oh I'm so tempted. I said when these have gone, they are gone but I've always wanted a Bengal and it's only another 8-10 years before we have nice furniture, throws, cushions grin

Catgotyourbrain Wed 22-Mar-17 20:25:33

Watching with org interest as just adopted two 18month old bengals. They are absolutely nothing in terms of adventurousness compared to very dear departed Abyssinian we lost recently (fox-chasing, roof-perching, wall-climbing king of the street). I will be letting them out in a week or so as otherwise we will spend our lives shouting 'door!' To the Three DCs. They do sleep a lot and I can't honestly see much between them in adventurousness and your average Siamese or Burmese with a glint in the eye....

EmmaC78 Wed 22-Mar-17 20:25:49

I think you should take him. They are very friendly cats. Buy some earplugs though smile

Autumnchill Wed 22-Mar-17 20:34:51

How vocal are they? My boy was vocal in as much as he got 'lost' in the house so at 3am called for me and I just had to say his name and he found me and then slept on my head! He was a bloody deadweight but I miss him so much as he was full of character.

My 10yr old is chatty and chirps like a bird, never know anything like it and she favours anyone that sits on the left hand side of the sofa for some reason.

15yr old talks but only at 9pm when she circles for treats and demands for the pantry to be open!

MoonlightMedicine Wed 22-Mar-17 20:40:53

I have an 8 year old Bengal. We've always had her indoors, she is totally fearless and full of energy but has been no more (or less) hard work than any other cats we've had (moggies). She is gorgeous, vocal but most of all just very affectionate and vocal. Amazing with our young children and bloody good fun. I'd say go for it.

MoonlightMedicine Wed 22-Mar-17 20:42:21

She is very chatty. She chirps a lot when she's happy and 'answers' if you talk to her. If she's hungry, shut in somewhere (or out) or wants to play - she yowls!!

ImBreakingBad Wed 22-Mar-17 20:42:32

Get one grin. We've now got 4 Maine coons and I believe they're of similar nature! Hopefully you'll enjoy the howling during the night, the bringing in of deceased pigeons and the occasional passive aggressive shitting on the expensive rug as much as I do grin

Autumnchill Wed 22-Mar-17 20:52:34

Ah well youngest gave us a bat last year! God knows how she caught it. Woman from the bat society came and collected it but it's wing was broken.

I've tested husband and said can we get a Bengal that needs a home to which he replied no, so I pushed it further and said he was coming Saturday, he said no, I did the slope of head and batted eyelashes, he said no, so I smiled and he said yes smile

I'll talk to colleague tomorrow and get more details. Going abroad next week and these 2 are going into a cattery for the week so will probably be when we return.

If I get no sleep, I'm blaming you lot grin

QueenMortifauxcado Wed 22-Mar-17 21:01:38

I have two - 6 and 8. I'd be wary of them with older cats but one is very highly strung and a bit of a brute when he plays. The other would probably be fine and is noticeably calmer since she hit 8. I think it depends on the personality. Mine are vocal when they want something but quiet the rest of the time.

Autumnchill Wed 22-Mar-17 21:04:46

Queen when I go and see him, what should I look for to ensure he is the softy type and not the brut? That's my concern, bringing a cat into the house and that will want to go to the top of the pecking order when that vacancy is already filled?

Autumnchill Wed 22-Mar-17 21:06:20

And this is the youngest, sitting in her favourite spot trying to out stare Mr Autumn smile

SmokingGun Wed 22-Mar-17 21:10:43

I have just the one, a 3 yr old male. I absolutely love him to pieces but he is 100% hard work. He has an incredible amount of energy and requires a lot of one to one interaction. He is technically an indoor cat but is harness and lead trainied and goes out into the garden for 5/6 hours per day on a harness/line to try and work off some energy (not that it works) hmm. He is intelligent and has can open doors/cupboards so I have to make sure things are put away properly. Despite all these seemingly negitive things, he is the most wonderful company and makes me laugh every day. Not affectionate at all though sad

QueenMortifauxcado Wed 22-Mar-17 21:17:03

Play with him, with a feather toy if possible. The brute tends to go all out and is noticeably manic, uses claws and growls when he catches his toys. The other plays much more gently and doesn't use claws much so you might be able to tell a bit from that. Also check for noticeable injuries - nicks in ears, scratches etc as that will tell you if he fights regularly with other cats, I'd probably ask what his track record is with other cats too.

Mine do both fight for alpha cat status and the high perch (have been known to throw each other off) but don't know if they're all that way inclined. We purposely went for a bolshy cat to keep the brute company as knew she'd be okay and not be intimidated - some of the other bengals we saw seemed a lot calmer and more passive.

Autumnchill Wed 22-Mar-17 21:18:57

Smoking I thought they were affectionate?

Any problems with litter tray? My boy who was part oriental had a habit of peeing in bags, shoes, basically anything left on the floor

Autumnchill Wed 22-Mar-17 21:20:49

Thanks Queen, that's good advice.

ChestnutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire Wed 22-Mar-17 21:23:07

Personally I wouldn't risk upsetting the pair you have. I think it's difficult for adult cats to accept another. I would be worried about inappropriate behaviours developing.

Autumnchill Wed 22-Mar-17 21:27:52

Chestnuts that's my concern. I've introduced kittens to adults and these have all grown up together although there has been a spat tonight for some reason and they are currently having a stand off over the foot stool!

I think I'll go and meet him and take it from there depending on his nature.

Madbengalmum Wed 22-Mar-17 21:28:56

I would give him a chance. I have had bengals for over 25yrs and never ever had the problems that people on here come and talk about. One of mine is loud now but he is going deaf in old age so that is easily explained. Never had spraying problems, some have gone out, some have never been out and dont want to go out. Mine have always been very loving clean cats and much more friendly than other more stand offish breeds i have had.
Mine adore their tall cat tower which is built to take their large size and antics, and are pretty playful. Never destructive though.

Madbengalmum Wed 22-Mar-17 21:30:10

To add, if you meet him, you should get a reasonably good idea of his nature.

QueenMortifauxcado Wed 22-Mar-17 21:31:31

They will pee on anything soft in my experience - laundry, bags, coats etc. You'll also want to invest in some museum wax if you have ornaments. They will helpfully clear all surfaces for you otherwise grin

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