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Introducing a new cat?

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LadyCallandraDaviot Mon 20-Mar-17 20:36:01

We have a cat - spayed female, about 9 years old. She is a bit of a wuss, although a pretty good hunter (of the catch, bring in to the house, release, and forget for a while before catching again.....etc variety).
My DH has fallen for a Bengal tom, neutered, about 3 years old that is looking for a new home.
I'm wondering about introducing them?
Girl cat used to live here with her sister, but they fought and the sister was 'bullying' her - forcing her off the comfy sofa, eating her food etc. Girl cat often comes flying in through the cat flap with her fur on end, and there is a neighbours cat in the garden just sitting there. A different neighbours cat wandered in one evening, and girl cat weed on the carpet. I don't want to upset her, or cause more accidents, but can they live together without girl cat turning in to a nervous wreck?

Wolfiefan Mon 20-Mar-17 20:37:06

What do you know about Bengals? I would worry about introducing one.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 20-Mar-17 20:57:48


Allergictoironing Mon 20-Mar-17 21:06:19

I would read up a bit on Bengals before committing to anything. They tend to be hyper-active, very in your face cats, and also tend to demand lots of time and attention - not sure if that would be the ideal companion for you existing, rather timid cat.

PolterGoose Mon 20-Mar-17 21:09:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 20-Mar-17 21:12:45

The last thing a shy cat needs is a Bengal. Our ndn tortie doesn't leave the house because of my Bengal.

That's how scary he is.

You put the cat you have first. If your Dh wants a Bengal when yours has gone to the litter tray in the sky then so be it.

LadyCallandraDaviot Mon 20-Mar-17 22:25:38

Thank you all for your responses - that's kind of what I thought.

DH wants a dog really. I think he thought the Bengal was a more 'dog' type of cat, but I think we have to look after girl cat first, we have had her since she was a tiny kitten.

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