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Situation with breeder WWYD?

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lottieandmia Sat 18-Mar-17 21:18:26

I recently paid a deposit to a breeder for one of her kittens because we had a cat from her already and he's absolutely lovely. These kittens have the same parents as him (registered etc).

These kittens are now 8 weeks old. A few weeks ago the breeder asked me if I wanted to come and see our kitten. Then she stopped responding to my messages about arranging a time. I asked her if everything was ok and she telephoned me to say that someone had come to look at the kittens and the next day they had all become ill with diarrhoea. She had had to take them to the vets and get critical care food and therefore didn't want anyone else to visit until they were a bit older. I said fine, of course. I'll just come at a later time (they aren't ready til 12 weeks anyway)

The other day I texted her to ask if the kittens were better and she hasn't replied. This concerns me because it surely suggests they are not.

At this point I'm wondering whether I should back out of this because I have my cats to worry about. I don't want to take on an animal which might have health problems from the word go or more importantly that might pass on an illness to my cats. I would rather lose the deposit than put my cats at risk.

What would you do in this situation? What would you say to the breeder at this point as I'm not really sure how to handle it.

DrowningSeas Sat 18-Mar-17 21:21:06

I definitely would back out.

lottieandmia Sat 18-Mar-17 21:30:55

She's usually very responsive to messages. Usually always responds immediately, so does it sound like the kittens are still unwell doesn't it?

I think I will message her and say that I'm not going to take the kitten after all. It's a shame because our boy that we got from her is so lovely.

Toddlerteaplease Sat 18-Mar-17 22:10:15

I'd hang on a bit as she may have a genuine reason for not answering sooner. Broken phone etc. Don't burn your bridges just yet.

lottieandmia Sat 18-Mar-17 22:28:51

I can see she's read the message though...

lottieandmia Sun 19-Mar-17 08:03:49


TheCakes Sun 19-Mar-17 11:35:03

I'd ring her and have an actual conversation. Find out what the situation is and tell her your concerns. If she's a responsible breeder she will share them and help you come to the right decision,

lottieandmia Sun 19-Mar-17 12:05:34

Ok, I've spoken to her and she says that the kittens are ok at the moment but she's still concerned about whether they'll be healthy enough to leave when the time comes. Apparently some of the people who she has promised the kittens to don't understand that animals aren't machines and things can go wrong etc. I said to her that my own cats are my priority in terms of their ongoing health etc and that obviously I understand that things can go wrong sometimes. So I think she's going to let me know nearer the time.

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