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Gorgeous eyes.

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Toddlerteaplease Thu 16-Mar-17 15:00:12

So we've had toe beans and toe floofs but Fatty and Snorg want people to admire their beautiful eyes. And they want to see your kitty's eyes. Archipiscopuss1 has joined in as she has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

NotAPuffin Thu 16-Mar-17 15:03:31

They're all so disgruntled grin

NotAPuffin Thu 16-Mar-17 15:13:36

Here are my two.

NotAPuffin Thu 16-Mar-17 15:22:09

And another of DaintyCat.

vaginasuprise Thu 16-Mar-17 15:40:11

My beautiful lot

Guiltypleasures001 Thu 16-Mar-17 15:48:25

This is Betty

vaginasuprise Thu 16-Mar-17 15:50:15

I forgot to introduce them wink
The blue is 16wk old Helga Snorkmaiden, the lilac is Kenneth Edward and the tabster is Freya Simone ( someone dumped her, how could anyone not want the little beauty) I am truly smitten with my babies.

Pussssies Thu 16-Mar-17 15:51:51

The Boss

TranquilityofSolitude Thu 16-Mar-17 15:59:55

Lovely idea for a thread!

Bert had a difficult start in life, and the edges of his eyes and ears are quite ragged as a result, but I think he's really special smile

passthewineplz Thu 16-Mar-17 15:59:56

Ooooh! I loves a good cat photo thread! 💕💖

Here's my seven month old Mr meowington, aka beautiful boy, pest, teddystinker! 😂

passthewineplz Thu 16-Mar-17 16:01:28

Silly mummy forgot to add photo

vaginasuprise Thu 16-Mar-17 16:03:59

They are all beautiful, Bert's expression is fabgrin

NotAPuffin Thu 16-Mar-17 16:07:02

Bert is lovely, he must be a fastidious groomer to keep his whites so immaculate!

YesItsMeIDontCare Thu 16-Mar-17 16:16:33


And toe floofs, just for the hell of it! grin

NotAPuffin Thu 16-Mar-17 16:17:47

Aargh! ENORMOUS FLOOFS! <head explodes>

I love me a floof.

GaryGilmoresEyes Thu 16-Mar-17 16:22:43

Bruce, one of our semi feral farm cats.
He's a majestic bugger .

TranquilityofSolitude Thu 16-Mar-17 16:22:57

Thanks, NotAPuffin. He was yellow and brown all over when we first saw him. I didn't realise he was pure white until he started looking after himself, which was a couple of months after we started feeding him in the garden. Now he's very much the house cat so not much maintenance required smile

Vinorosso74 Thu 16-Mar-17 16:26:57

B&W is Vinocat patiently waiting for her blood test results at the vets a couple of weeks ago.
The other fella has now been adopted but I was sat with him at CP the other week. He has one blue eye and the other is half blue, half green.

Papergirl1968 Thu 16-Mar-17 16:36:24

My boy has lovely greeny-gold eyes. Looks very similar to Vagina's Freya.

Toddlerteaplease Thu 16-Mar-17 16:45:39

Vino,that multi coloured eye is gorgeous and very unusual. So many beautiful felines!

PinkSparklyPussyCat Thu 16-Mar-17 16:54:12

Here's Harry gazing adoringly at me as I took his photo!

Chickydoo Thu 16-Mar-17 17:01:42

Here you go

Chickydoo Thu 16-Mar-17 17:02:57

And another one

TranquilityofSolitude Thu 16-Mar-17 17:04:42

I've never seen multi-coloured eyes before. Bert has one green and one blue but the black and white cat takes it one stage further!

paddypants13 Thu 16-Mar-17 17:09:34

Here is the beautiful Paddycat. smile

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