Advanced search do I prevent cat scratching antique furniture and new sofa?

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ZuzuMyLittleGingersnap Thu 16-Mar-17 04:43:08

Experienced cat owner/ cat lover, with healthy, active, spayed 6 yr old female.

Adopted via Cats Protection 2 yrs ago.

Initially, a few behavioural issues due to her history, but I've finally gained her full confidence (after 2 yrs of effort!!), socialised her and can calmly redirect any (now very occasional) aggressive flare-ups.

However, am still really struggling with her destructive scratching. I make sure she gets 4 or 5 10 minute sessions of one-to-one play (fishing rod/ chasing and catching games etc.) with me spread throughout the day/ evening (am studying from home, so around a lot).

She doesn't tolerate being picked up or cuddles, but enjoys curling up close (even on me, at night) and plentiful strokes and affection on tap.

She has enrichment toys, including snack puzzle balls, a tall, vertical scratch post, plus horizontal wave scratcher.

My flat currently resembles a flipping activity centre, with cardboard tunnels (and tempting boxes for any scratching, instead of my new, expensive furniture).

I've (hopefully only temporarily) covered all wooden chair legs/ shelving front etc. with tin foil...seems to be a deterrent, but it looks awful! New sofa's draped in thick throw, which covers up its nicest features.

She also has free access to garden (no visiting cats), with plenty of interesting places to explore, and scratchable tree trunks. She does run off energy and get plenty of fresh air out there.

All the above do keep her occupied a bit, but she's still managed to tear to shreds my bed's padded headboard. Grr.

Anyone got any bright ideas, or do I just have to resign myself to her nature? Previous cats have mostly confined their scratching to 'allowed' places and I'm at a loss what to do. Seems to be random times she'll do it; often when I'm not there, but in front of me too.

dubdurbs Thu 16-Mar-17 09:07:08

Strips of sellotape cover d in Vicks works wonders!! I also have a spray bottle of catnip that I douse the scratching post with, and my two go straight for it.

ZuzuMyLittleGingersnap Thu 16-Mar-17 19:42:42

Thanks for the tip: hadn't heard of the Vicks idea before. Definitely worth a go.
(Am assuming it isn't toxic, in case she accidentally gets some on her?!).

Will patch test the colour fastness of bright teal sofa and sellotape tonight.

We use sprinklings of "catnabis" (!) on her toys/ scratchers, but the initial fun craziness only lasts 5ish minutes before she's then immune for hours.

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