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soulfuleyes Tue 07-Mar-17 20:51:41

Anyone have any experience with a cat with megacolon?

My cat may have this. Three weeks ago he started having difficulties going, straining, pacing. Took him to the vet, very impacted faeces. He had an enema under general the next day and was kept in for two days after for another one. Took him home, all ok for a couple of days and then no no 2 for another three days.. ongoing vet visits, mini enemas, his pooing has been sporadic.. nothing, then a lot. He's on royal canin fibre response and lactulose.

Anyone have any ideas, reading conflicting info on high fibre diet for megacolon, vet hasn't confirmed it is that but it's looking that way..

Thanks for any help.

Trustyourself2 Tue 07-Mar-17 21:31:16

Do I know anything about megacolon?! The sleepless nights I've had over this bloody awful condition. Sorry, a little rant there.

My oldest cat has megacolon and has had it for roughly 5 years. He's had countless enimas, drips for dehydration, with overnight stays at vets, special food, lactulose, and lots of vomiting . He has been so distressed and in pain over the years and I've been at my wits end dreading the next episode. It's a very serious condition.

After his last episode, nearly a year ago, and because he is very old now, my lovely vet told me that she wanted to avoid him having to have more enimas in the future and suggested we try him on liquid paraffin. I am so pleased that it has worked. He loves taking it and screams in delight when he sees me coming with it - he's a bit of an odd bod. I give him a capful every day and this keeps him regular. In the beginning, I did have to work out how much he'd need to take and during this time when I gave him too much it did get a bit messy. His poos are very soft now and really pongy, but I'd rather have that than megacolon problems. I did ask the vet if the liquid paraffin would harm his insides and she said no, that it was very gentle and wouldn't cause him any harm.

If you do give him liquid paraffin, you might find that he drips from his back end at the beginning, bit this is just until you suss out the correct dosage for him. I put towels (easy to wash), on the furniture he likes to sleep or sit on, and even though he's clean down below now, he does have the odd mishap.

Sorry it's such a long post, but I hope it helps. I really feel for you.

soulfuleyes Tue 07-Mar-17 21:57:03

Thanks so much for your response.

I've seen liquid paraffin mentioned on various sites but my vet hasn't suggested it, though megacolon hasn't been confirmed yet as it's early days, he's only 5/6, took him in as a stray, really want to give him a happy and long life...
I'll mention liquid paraffin on the next inevitable visit, don't mind things being on the loosish side as long as he bloody goes for a shit! .

It sounds like you've really been through it, so glad and hopeful that you've found a remedy. My boy actually went for one a couple of hours ago so i can come out of my worry and obsession with the litter tray to write this (i suffer with anxiety a bit).

Many thanks, hope your boy continues to thrive flowers

Weedsnseeds1 Tue 07-Mar-17 22:20:01

The vet advised liquid paraffin for old girl, because of non-stop furballs, rather than megacolon, but as PP said, she bloody loved it! Well worth asking the question.

Trustyourself2 Tue 07-Mar-17 22:29:29

No problem, happy to help. Glad he's been. Unfortunately, it does get worse, so do ask your vet about the liquid paraffin. He is young, isn't he. Did your vet talk to you about the operation? My old boy couldn't have the op as he's too old and probably wouldn't survive.

Try not to get too anxious, you'll sort it out. Good luck.

soulfuleyes Wed 08-Mar-17 07:50:53

I'll definitely ask about liquid paraffin. The vet did mention having an operation, removing part of his colon which I really want to avoid. Prepared to throw everything at it before it comes to anything like that.

Thank you, you've both given me some hope flowers

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