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Cat regurgitating frequently after house move

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Lurlene Tue 07-Mar-17 18:05:00

We moved house last month. 4 year old cat has never regurgitated (from the descriptions on t'internet it is not vomiting) before.

However, she started going outside 3 weeks ago. Last week she started regurgitating her food immediately after we would feed her, so we let het stomach settle for the day then started giving her half her usual amount of food at each meal (she eats wet pouches, won't touch dried food).

Everything was ok for a few days but she has just regurgitated again, however this time it looked like a bird she must have eaten last night which made a reappearance.

What could cause this to start happening so suddenly and could it be related to the house move? Do I need to make an appointment with the vet?

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