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Bengal stealth invasion

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iloveeverykindofcat Wed 01-Mar-17 06:25:04

Tom is winning his campaign to be allowed in my house. He barged in yesterday and apparently he and Bibi have reached some kind of truce wherein they don't feel obliged to fight. He stomped all over the house and sprayed up a wall (sigh), interacted warily with the girls for a bit, then started making growly noises so I ejected him. To borrow the image from RubbishMantra, he's like a little bulldozer. Seeing him next to the girls I realize how much bigger than them he is, even in his senior years. He does seem to be out in almost all weathers so I don't mind letting him in when its pouring down but the wall-spraying is a problem.

picklemepopcorn Wed 01-Mar-17 06:33:14

Where does he belong? Has he been done? I'd be unhappy about him spraying in my house, no matter how lovely he is.

iloveeverykindofcat Wed 01-Mar-17 06:41:19

He belongs to a neighbour but spends most of his time outside and in other people's houses. The whole street is his territory. He's neutered but still sprays unfortunately.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 01-Mar-17 06:56:37

Mines out in all weathers. He think he likes being towelled off.

Did he come through the cat flap.

iloveeverykindofcat Wed 01-Mar-17 06:59:06

No he just waits until I'm on my way in and barges in when I open the door. I'm 90% sure its his choice to be out because during the worst days of winter I didn't see him. He's well 'ard grin

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 01-Mar-17 11:30:22

Their such little buggers. Ours used to sit on next doors dormer window watching them eat dinner.

iloveeverykindofcat Thu 02-Mar-17 07:04:55

I have never met an animal with such a will of iron. Normally I'd say you train a cat by getting what you want and what they want to coincide. But Tom does not budge in what he wants, and he persists until he gets it.

picklemepopcorn Thu 02-Mar-17 07:25:19

I'm smiling at thought of him. Wish I could trade DH in...

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 02-Mar-17 07:33:50

I tried to stop mine going in a room with my hand this morning, he did the "I'm so hard done by" pathetic miaow & jumped over my hand to get in there.

iloveeverykindofcat Thu 02-Mar-17 09:27:08

Fluffy grin

iloveeverykindofcat Thu 02-Mar-17 09:27:49

pickle here's a video of him

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 02-Mar-17 19:15:34

They are very persistent, very loud & very active.

Luckily their also very affectionate & loving.

notMarlene Thu 02-Mar-17 19:23:08

Having had a neutered male (Siamese) who sprayed I'd be doing everything I possibly could to keep Tom out of my house. He may lovely, charming and a delight to have around but come spring it'll be absolute hell. If he's sprayed in your house once he'll keep right on goingsad

notMarlene Thu 02-Mar-17 19:27:20

The spraying Siamese was mine BTW, not a visitor. 10 years of spraying. It drove me to utter distraction, I seriously considered PTS for the sake of my mental health but I couldn't do it.

iloveeverykindofcat Fri 03-Mar-17 06:41:22

You're probably right sad. I just feel sorry for him (for no reason, probably, he's just an excellent manipulator of humans).

notMarlene Fri 03-Mar-17 08:55:07

sad I am right.

Oldraver Mon 06-Mar-17 22:19:08

Mines out in all weathers. He think he likes being towelled off.

Yes Yes....We swear Ernie pops in s out multiple times as he loves being towelled

iloveeverykindofcat Tue 07-Mar-17 15:59:31

Tom has a very particular, distinctive shout that can go through brick walls. It's less meow than mow! mow! in the pitch of a demand.

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