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A proud moment in cat ownership..

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StillMedusa Mon 27-Feb-17 22:01:05

(Well they own me, I know that, but anyway...)

Yesterday we were sitting down to our sunday dinner when Ophie started miaowing loudly at the door to go out. As she is an 'in-out-in-out makeup your MIND' kind of a cat, I ignored her at first, but she got louder and louder so I let her outside... where she hacked up a hairball, and then asked to come back in!!


Cats all my life and usually mine vomit then wander off and leave me to clean the floor/bed (or vomit as they go, which is worse!)

But she asked to go out.

I love that little girl... grin

Fruitcocktail6 Mon 27-Feb-17 22:04:59

On our cats first day at home she ran to her litter box to puke. Sadly it was the first and only time she was so considerate.

Weedsnseeds1 Mon 27-Feb-17 22:10:38

That's impressive! My old fur ball hacker used to run from one part of the house to another to ensure she could vomit on a rug or bed rather than a hard surface. ..

cozietoesie Mon 27-Feb-17 23:10:55

What a good girl. smile

hollinhurst84 Mon 27-Feb-17 23:12:17

Mine picks the cream carpet. Usually under somewhere completely inaccessible and at 5am. Can we swap?

Vinorosso74 Mon 27-Feb-17 23:23:24

That is impressive!
As a child we had a very patterned carpet on the stairs and hall so without fail our cat would puke on that carpet ( it was hideous so she had a point) and it was always me who found it by standing in it.

Belle2828 Mon 27-Feb-17 23:27:00

Mine usually wait til I'm just dropping off to sleep and then loudly retch one up outside my bedroom door. Then have to drag myself out of bed half asleep to clear up for fear one of other pets may find it a you've go a diamond there.... I have new carpet too now . I wouldn't swap em for the world tho...ask me again tho at three in the morning and I'm bleary eyed scrubbing at the floor on my hands and knees wink

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