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Is she pregnant? Opinions please!

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WingsAloft Tue 21-Feb-17 06:39:06

Now that the drama with Buttercup seems to be over (she was spayed today and all went well) I need to turn my attention to Xena. Our little warrior princess came to us the same day as Buttercup, 17 days ago. We were told she may be pregnant when she came to us.

She popped a little belly late last week. It's not as marked now but she seems curvier than before. Nipples are still small but may be slightly pink. I was so preoccupied with Buttercup that I didn't pay them much attention to begin with.

If they were able to maybe palpate kittens when they pulled her from the pound, that would have put her at probably 3 to 4 weeks when she got to me. I've had her for a bit over two weeks. Does she look like a 5 to 6 week pregnant cat to you?

Do you have any "before" pictures (from when you first adopted her) too see if the belly is bigger? I agree that that looks a bit curvy, but have no comparator.

When we first realised one of ours was preggers, the curve was really pronounced, and (turns out) the due date was within a couple of weeks.

I'm no authority on nipples, which I never expected to say at quarter-to-seven a.m.

WingsAloft Tue 21-Feb-17 06:57:53

I don't have any earlier ones from the same angle. This one was taken 10 days ago.

WingsAloft Tue 21-Feb-17 07:06:09

Oh darn. She's lying beside me so I put my hand on her belly for a minute. I could feel little bubbles popping in there. She may have just answered my question for me blush

TryAnotherUsername Tue 21-Feb-17 07:06:53

When mine was pregnant her nipples were very large and pink, also her belly was hanging lower, could you get a pic of her standing like your last one and see if the belly's bigger that way?

We only suspected our cat was pregnant as she got fatter, was eating more, being sick quite a bit early on and her nipples. Couldn't feel a thing in her belly though. Then one night heard a noise under dad's bed and found her with one kitten.

WingsAloft Tue 21-Feb-17 07:09:38

She's not hanging low at all. The bulk is all out to the sides at the moment.

thecatneuterer Wed 22-Feb-17 13:36:35

I'm not sure but, as it's not obvious then it would be fine to spay her - making it a spay/abort if necessary.

WingsAloft Thu 23-Feb-17 03:29:57

I know your feelings on the matter but the rescue won't do it if there's a chance that she's pregnant. If it were up to me I would have done it within a week of her arriving here but it's not my call to make. Now that she's no longer jumping on Buttercup (presumably because Buttercup's smell has changed) I'm happy to care for her and any kittens she does have.

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