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Lovely card from my vets

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Roundincirclesagainandagain Mon 20-Feb-17 15:28:08

Just thought I'd share this lovely card I got this morning from the very kind vet who put my beloved cat to sleep last week. Some of you may remember my posts......... this came out of the blue this morning I just thought it was such a kind gesture.

Watto1 Mon 20-Feb-17 15:31:06

That's lovely. A really nice thought.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 20-Feb-17 15:33:24

What a lovely vet.

Vinorosso74 Mon 20-Feb-17 15:34:44

That is lovely and very clearly a personal message.

pilates Mon 20-Feb-17 15:54:08

Wow, that is so nice and comforting for you.

Sorry for your loss.

xStefx Mon 20-Feb-17 15:56:17

Aw how lovely of them x
Sorry for the loss of your cat OP

isadorable Mon 20-Feb-17 16:30:19

That's so thoughtful. I'm seriously starting to think about what is right for my old boy and I hope my vet will be as supportive. Hope you're doing OK coping with the cat-shaped hole Freddy has left.

Roundincirclesagainandagain Mon 20-Feb-17 16:33:15

Thank you all yes it was such a lovely thing to receive in the post. Isadorable what's the story with your cat? They break your heart when they go don't they but I'm remembering all the funny things he used to do xx

Garnethair Mon 20-Feb-17 16:35:47

How lovely

isadorable Mon 20-Feb-17 16:47:49

He's got kidney disease and a heart murmur and he's nearly 18. The medication and the food had kept him pretty well until he had a crisis in January and lost a lot of weight. He's OK now, thinner than I'd like, still overgrooming a bit too but eating and not obviously ill. My problem is he's not interested in anything other than eating, sleeping and the litter tray. Well, he's still cuddly and lovely to me. But spring is usually a time he likes to tour the garden sniffing things, he's upstairs, you open the door downstairs and he's there like a shot. Not so far this year. He rarely leaves my bed.

My question is, is he enjoying life? He's OK but I'm really not sure it is fair to keep going too long if he gets nothing much out of his existence. I'm really struggling as I really adore him.

It is good to remember them and the fun they brought. When I had to have his mum put down (first time I'd been in charge of this kind of the thing as an adult) I was distraught. She wasn't that old. It is easier when you've had a shared history and you know they've had a lovely life.

cozietoesie Mon 20-Feb-17 17:03:45

I'm sorry about Freddy - and also for the position you're in isadora. A thoroughly nice thing for the vet to do. I guess she was hurting also.

Roundincirclesagainandagain Mon 20-Feb-17 17:04:36

Isadorable my Freddy had kidney disease but try as I might he wouldn't eat the renal food or take the meds! I thought at the age he was, just give him the food he wants!! The vet agreed with me! He slowed right down, like your boy. But until the last few days he was eating and drinking. The vet said that if that's the case they are most probably quite happy. Your boy is bound to slow down due to his age. My other cat is nearly 18 and she rarely does anything other than eat sleep and drink. I think you know when it's time, I did. Freddy stopped eating and drinking and in the last few hours he couldn't walk. Xx

ChishandFips33 Mon 20-Feb-17 17:17:28

That's a lovely gesture and so very heartfelt

Our vet reassured us that our decision was the kindest we could make - he could so easily have led us down a different profitable path and we would have gladly followed his advice

It's so affirming to know isn't it, that the hardest decision is the kindest

So sorry for your loss flowers - the good memories do start outweighing the pain

Snowflake65 Mon 20-Feb-17 17:23:53

I've tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat reading that, what a lovely thing for them to do.

OP so sorry for your loss flowers

isadorable Mon 20-Feb-17 18:05:14

Thanks Round and Cozie. Round, you've done the right thing and he clearly had a great life with you. I'm just starting to think that if he spends more time straining in his litter tray than he does sniffing the air it isn't much of a life.

Roundincirclesagainandagain Mon 20-Feb-17 18:49:16

Isadorable take him for an 'elderly cat' check at the vets they will advise you, and please don't hesitate to contact me if needed it's so hard to go thru xxx

isadorable Mon 20-Feb-17 19:06:00

Thank you. My vet is lovely and very involved in decision making because I like that kind of relationship when we've got an oldie to deal with. I won't do anything fast but I'm keen that I make the right decision for him. I may well be in touch with you. I appreciate it.

Vinorosso74 Mon 20-Feb-17 19:08:16

Now this is what makes Mumsnet (esp. The Litter Tray) great.

Roundincirclesagainandagain Mon 20-Feb-17 19:08:53

Please do get in touch. When I lost Freddy I desperately turned to MN for support it really helps to know that someone understands xx

Roundincirclesagainandagain Mon 20-Feb-17 19:09:24

Agreed vinorosso smile

cottonweary Mon 20-Feb-17 19:11:10

So kind and lovely. (Sniffs)

MollyHuaCha Mon 20-Feb-17 19:30:04

Beautiful thought.

NotYoda Mon 20-Feb-17 20:47:12

That is lovely. Our vet also sent a card and a poem after we had our 20 year old girl PTS in the Summer.

I think they genuinely cared about her and us. The love they showed her at the end was beautiful to see. I thanked the vet and said that it must be hard for her to. She said that normally it's OK but she'd welled up when we showed her a photo of our cat with our teen DS when they were both little.


I really agonised about the decision (as some on here will remember). It helped talking on here, and vet was very supportive.

timtam23 Mon 20-Feb-17 22:11:56

That's lovely. My vet does the same (in fact it's the manager of the practice who sends cards) and she also tries to find a card with the front picture as similar as possible to your pet. When my ginger tabby was PTS the card I got was absolutely the spitting image of him. It made me cry of course but I was so grateful for how thoughtful it was and for the lovely message. I have kept both of the cards of course, even though the memories are sad.

maisiejones Fri 24-Feb-17 01:18:23

My vet sends a card and a packet of forget-me-not seeds so you can plant them in remembrance.

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