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My old boy is going to be PTS

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Roundincirclesagainandagain Sun 12-Feb-17 15:17:56

My old boy is nearly 17. I've had him since he was a kitten. He had a spell of being unwell about October last year. Took him to the vets and he was diagnosed with kidney disease. Given drops and special food. He just about tolerated the drops but would NOT eat the food. I tried a few brands and thought I'd just feed him what he wanted at the age he was. He loved his food. Last few weeks he's been sneezing a lot but still eating and drinking ok. Even giving me the obligatory grumpy meow when I pick him Since Friday he's really gone downhill. Not eating or drinking and nose's bleeding. His nose resembles that of a snotty toddler! And his fur is caked in a snotty bloody substance where is nose is dripping. He's not eating or drinking and is just lying in his bed. My other cat is nearly 18! She's started going off her legs too but still wolfing her food down. Tomorrow I have to take my boy to the vet. I know the vet will agree it's time. Poor boy is all bone under his fur. I feel like I'm condemning him to his death. I feel sick to the bottom of my stomach that tonight is gonna be his last one. Anyone about to give me some advice how to get thru this???? They've both been with me thru thick and thin. I'm s single parent. My friend will come to the vets with me I know I won't be able to hold him while he goes to sleep. I would rather remember him as he was. Does that make me selfish??? My friend said she would sit with him I literally know I can't do it. God I love my cats but this bit is so bloody hard!!!!!

Reow Sun 12-Feb-17 15:22:58

You'll be doing the right thing :-( sad as it is.

You've given him a lovely happy life and now it seems his time has come, as it will for all of us. We can't make them live forever, all we can do is ease them out of it as gently as possible in the end. Animals are lucky they have this option and we must help them when it's time.

My oldest boy was 21 when pts. He was the best boy ever and I loved him, but it was time. He was knackered.

Can you cut off a piece of fur to put in a locket? That's what I did. Xxx

raindripsonruses Sun 12-Feb-17 15:24:41

You're showing the ultimate kindness. I went through this recently myself. You are being a truly wonderful pet owner by somehow finding the strength to do this. I'm so sorry you are losing your good friend. It is grief and good people around you will respect that. Allow yourself time to grieve.

user1484226561 Sun 12-Feb-17 15:27:37

best and kindest and most responsible thing to do for your old friend xxxxx

LivingInMidnight Sun 12-Feb-17 15:43:19

I'm so sorry. You're doing the right thing for him. flowers

Rollypoly100 Sun 12-Feb-17 16:05:50

It's so hard, I am sorry for you. I regret not holding my old boy in my arms when he had to be PTS.

Wolfiefan Sun 12-Feb-17 16:11:32

You're doing the right thing. I would only stay with your cat if you feel you can be calm for him. I stayed with my old girl and it was a comfort to see how calm and dignified her passing was.
Let yourself grieve and feel sad. It is sad. But then you can remember all the good stuff and what a great life you gave your beloved. It is a comfort. Old girl was 19. We had her for 17 years. She had a good life. From chasing butterflies to relaxing on the heated whelping pad in her old age.
This is the last greatest act of love.

hotwater Sun 12-Feb-17 16:13:27

It's the last and most loving of kindnesses that we can offer. Be strong for your friend in return for all the joy he has given you.

imjessie Sun 12-Feb-17 16:21:25

It's very peaceful , try and be with him . It's the last gift to him. I have a 19 year old cat who although is amazing he cannot live forever . I'm dreading it but wowzers what a life we have had together .. I love the bones of him and him me ( he and his brother were dumped at a few weeks old and we saved them and fed them milk etc .. his brother died at 15😞😞).... but when the end comes I will sit with him and talk to him as he goes and love him right to his last breath .. the vets will come to you if he is too poorly to travel by the way .

GertyTheGert Sun 12-Feb-17 16:26:48

Hi I had to do the same but my cat was only 7 (my other one is 19 this April). You don't hold your cat when he is PTS, he/she is put in the lying frontways position and they put the injection in the top of his/her paw. Its VERY quick and I was glad to be there because I stroked William's head and talked to him telling him I loved him very much etc as they started the process and he sighed and slipped away. I personally felt I wanted to be the last voice william heard, not a stranger's voice. It took seconds for him to go. You are doing THE right thing, your cat may end up playing with my William "over rainbow bridge" IF there is such a thing for us all!!
My thoughts are with you >^^<

UnbornMortificado Sun 12-Feb-17 16:30:58

Round my mam lost her two old boys a short while ago (there's a thread somewhere)

She ended up putting it off, one ended going downhill fast and she really regrets not doing it before it got to that point.

I'm sorry they break your heart they do flowers

Wolfiefan Sun 12-Feb-17 16:32:24

Yes I didn't hold old girl. I stroked her head and talked to her. Have her a kiss on the head. I told her I loved her and thanked her for being my cat. I told her she would see her son soon (we lost him a few years before) and probably enjoy duffing him up! She did love to give him a swipe!
This gives me comfort. The rainbow bridge. May it do the same for you.

Monkeypuzzle32 Sun 12-Feb-17 16:37:02

My boy is almost 20 now and in his twilight years obviously-he is on various meds etc but it's not time yet, his brother was PTS 4 years ago at 15 because he had kidney cancer, it was the kindest most loving thing I could for him because within the space of a week he went downhill rapidly, I also didn't want him to die on his own. My only slight regret is I wasn't holding him in my arms at the moment he went, but I was stroking his head. Remind yourself you gave him a great life x
Dammit I'm 😢 Now thinking about little furball.

cozietoesie Sun 12-Feb-17 16:41:22

I'd try to be there if they knew that. It's a good thing to go to sleep with. (I wasn't with DDogOneago when he was put to sleep but he no longer knew any of us and had gone way within himself. I don't regret not being there for that.)

Roundincirclesagainandagain Sun 12-Feb-17 17:05:31

Thanks all I had to phone the vet and do it now. My heart is completely broken. How do I get thru this? I wrapped him in a towel and cuddled him all the way to the vets. He was purring. I had to do it now he couldn't stand up and even lifting his head was a struggle. My friend stayed with him I physically couldn't do it. Please do t make me feel bad for that I just couldn't I wanted to remember him alive. I feel so so sad.

Roundincirclesagainandagain Sun 12-Feb-17 17:07:34

My beautiful boy

timtam23 Sun 12-Feb-17 17:19:11

He's beautiful. So sorry for your loss. My two oldies were both put to sleep at 18 and it was so hard. I stayed with mine but I understand that's not what everyone wants to do, sometimes it's best to remember them as they were in happier times flowers

DramaAlpaca Sun 12-Feb-17 17:23:46

I'm sorry for your loss. What a lovely boy he was.

I know how you are feeling. My old boy was PTS three weeks ago at the age of 15. He'd had enough and had stopped eating. We knew it was time.

Please know that you've done the best & kindest thing for him.


SecretWitch Sun 12-Feb-17 17:25:13

What beautiful boy! I had to put my old girl to sleep two days before Christmas. She was my love. I'm sending you thoughts of love and peace. You are absolutely doing th best and right thing for your boy.

cozietoesie Sun 12-Feb-17 17:25:27

A lovely boy. It's so so hard, I know.

cozietoesie Sun 12-Feb-17 17:27:01

Light a candle for him. That seems to help - I don't know why.

Monkeypuzzle32 Sun 12-Feb-17 17:30:33

My vet said to me recently (about my 19 year old cat) ' don't ever give yourself s hard time over when you choose for them, you've given them a great life'

UnbornMortificado Sun 12-Feb-17 17:34:46

He's beautiful, I'm so sorry round flowers

viques Sun 12-Feb-17 17:35:55

roundincircles . I had to do the same journey yesterday. it is horrible, you feel terrible. My girl was 17 too, and we had had her since she was a half grown dumped at the vets with her kittens.

I am feeling very sad today too, but I am taking comfort from the fact that I know that I did the right thing for the right reason, I also know that as a responsible and loving pet owner I made the choice that was best for my cat, a choice that has caused me pain, but has saved her from pain and distress. The choice I made was made with love, as was your choice, it is all any of us can do.

Take care of yourself.

I am gathering up all her bits and pieces today, I am going to give them to the local cat rescue so that other less fortunate cats will benefit from her death, you might find comfort in doing something similar.

Roundincirclesagainandagain Sun 12-Feb-17 19:17:23

I've lit a candle for my boy. My old girl is getting LOADS of affection....... not that she didn't anyway!!!!

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