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New kitten excited

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VaginaSuprise Thu 09-Feb-17 12:33:48

We are seeing her on Sunday then she comes home on the 19th. She's an oriental Blue and I'm beside myself with joy.grin

Toddlerteaplease Thu 09-Feb-17 15:08:10

Not place marking for kitten pics at all!

VaginaSuprise Thu 09-Feb-17 16:10:07


AllTheWittyNamesAreGone Thu 09-Feb-17 16:12:59

Love the bat ears

OnceUponATimeInLondon Thu 09-Feb-17 16:15:01

Beautiful smile

cozietoesie Thu 09-Feb-17 16:20:07

Lovely girl. smile She looks very determined by the way. That's pretty much a 'Walk in and take over' sort of face. grin

VaginaSuprise Thu 09-Feb-17 16:38:54

I already have her older brother and he's pretty spesh grin

Toddlerteaplease Thu 09-Feb-17 16:56:00

Oh look at those ears!

NoncommittalToSparkleMotion Thu 09-Feb-17 16:57:23


So, so beautifulenvyflowers

Gaaaah Thu 09-Feb-17 16:58:41

Massive gorgeous ears! Lovely colour too. What's her name?

VaginaSuprise Thu 09-Feb-17 18:23:59

New baby will be called Helga....

VaginaSuprise Thu 09-Feb-17 18:24:24

New baby will be called Helga....

user1482354699 Thu 09-Feb-17 18:29:29

Awesome cats! Definite girly cattitude from Helga already and her big brother looks very wise and tolerant!

cozietoesie Thu 09-Feb-17 18:30:05

Your boy looks like a natural 'big softie'. smile

MockTurtleSoup Thu 09-Feb-17 18:33:40

Omg, she's the image of my little pixie, so gorgeous smile

MrsEvadneCake Thu 09-Feb-17 18:34:34

I love their ears and eyes! They are beautiful both of them.

HemanOrSheRa Thu 09-Feb-17 18:36:28

Good lord! What stunning kitties! Absolutely beautiful, both of them.

YesItsMeIDontCare Thu 09-Feb-17 18:38:51

Oh they are so beautiful! I know all cats are beautiful, but they're so elegant too.


VaginaSuprise Thu 09-Feb-17 18:43:30

Thank you all, my boy is most definitely a big softie and a tiny little bit spoiled. Apparently not all cats sit in a vintage high chair to eat dinner with their humans.

cozietoesie Thu 09-Feb-17 19:21:23

She'll lick him into shape. grin

mycatloveslego Thu 09-Feb-17 19:45:00

😻 They're both stunning!

VaginaSuprise Sun 12-Feb-17 19:12:23

Oh my heart has melted, she's like a little pixie cat.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 12-Feb-17 19:14:54

Ah she's very cute. She will have you all under the paw.

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