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Poo woes

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Aloethere Tue 07-Feb-17 10:06:15

My cat has in the last week decided he will not poo in his litter tray anymore. He poos beside it, on the rug, in a toy box but won't poo in it, he still wees in it.

Nothing has changed, same litter(always very clean), same food, same routines, he even poos at the same time of the day he always has, same everything except his ability to poo where he is supposed to. Any ideas what could be causing this and how I can fix it?

thecatneuterer Tue 07-Feb-17 14:46:06

Sometimes they want two trays. One to wee and one to poo. Try giving him another one.

cozietoesie Tue 07-Feb-17 17:54:09

How old is he?

GalenJustGalen Tue 07-Feb-17 20:51:16

When my cat went through a phase of acting weird about pooping in the litter box, it turned out she had impacted anal glands. The vet came and expressed them and after that she went back to using the box as usual.

Aloethere Tue 07-Feb-17 23:03:04

He's just turned one cozietoes, he was neutered 4 months ago. Tonight when he started doing his poo routine I sat on the floor near enough across from his litter tray and pooed in the litter tray while looking me straight in the eye! It was obvious he knows exactly where he is supposed to be doing it.
I'll try getting another tray, see if that helps matters.

cozietoesie Tue 07-Feb-17 23:51:24

At that age, it sounds like a tray protest right enough. Try having a second. smile

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