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Cat being attacked by neighbour's cat

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Pixilicious Wed 25-Jan-17 16:09:17

Hi,,my elderly cat keeps being attached by a neighbour's younger vicious cat, to the extent where my lovely cat now doesn't want to go outside and has been coming back with ripped ears and patches of fur missing.

Can anyone suggest how I can deter the other cat, I am so sad for my lovely boy.

RubbishMantra Wed 25-Jan-17 16:32:21

Invest in a supersoaker water pistol. If you see vicious cat in your garden, give him a good spray.

I love my 2 cats dearly, but have bought my neighbours water pistols to discourage them from wandering into their houses. (One has a cat hating dog, yet was still encouraging DCats to come into his house with Dreamies.)

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