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Diabetic Cat

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KittyKat73 Tue 24-Jan-17 14:45:23

Hello All!

My 10 ( nearly 11) yr old moggy was diagnosed with diabetes last july.

She had been getting steroid injections about 4 times a year on average for about 5 years due to allergies and her skin breaking down. The steroids are most likely the reason for the diagnosis

She is now on a steady dose of 1.5units twice a day and doesnt need her bloods checked for 3 months.

I was wondering if anyone else with diabetic cats have any experience, advice or words of wisdom as this is all still pretty new to me. I have heard it can be reversible in cats and have all my fingers and toes crossed this will be the case as i hate injection her ( although she doesn't seem to mind)

Vinorosso74 Tue 24-Jan-17 21:32:14

Ours is also diabetic-diagnosed March last year. Hers is due to a damaged pancreas after pancreatitis.
It sounds like your cat's is stable. Ours has been a bit up an down but she has IBD so runny poos were reducing effectiveness of the insulin. That is fixed now.
Yes diabetes in cats can go into remission but apparently it can make it harder as they can then become diabetic again. It sounds like everything is going well with your cat though. I hated the idea of the injections at first but used to it now and can manage to get blood from her ear to do glucose curves at home. Is it the actual injecting you don't like or the fact it's a bit tying (no denying it is)?

KittyKat73 Wed 25-Jan-17 11:09:47

vinorosso oh i didnt even think of runny poss effecting the insulin thats good to know so i can keep an eye on that.

Yeah just the actual injecting i dont like incase im hurting her although she doesnt really react but just feeling sorry for her. It is pretty tying but im lucky that i have manged to train my mum and partner up on how to do the injections so if i can do it my partner will and if he cant my mum will as long as i give them some notice smile

how often do you take blood from your cats ear? we havent been asked to do that and she was going for fructosamine tests ( dont know if thats the spelling) monthly but since the last test was stable we dont need to go back until march.

Vinorosso74 Wed 25-Jan-17 13:16:08

Ok so you have other people for the injections which is good. I agree it is tying making sure you do it around the same time and they've eaten etc. I think if you were hurting her she would hiss or flinch.
I do glucose curves at home (our insurance has run out so is cheaper and less stress on Vinocat) after a change in dosage or whenever vet requests it. We have a glucometer at home. She needs bloods in March so think vet might do a fructosamine test then-I lose track sometimes!
It is useful to be able to do but not essential.

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