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"Just a cat"

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elpaso Sat 14-Jan-17 14:15:14

Am I allowed to brutally dismember the next person who says this to me?
My beautiful cat Loco has been missung for almost a week now and I feel like I'm going nuts worrying about her. She's normally such a cuddle cat, and doesn't venture outside for more then an hour. I've put posters up, knocked on doors asking people to check their garages and sheds, put used litter out, spent God knows how long wandering around with a torch calling her, have called the local cat shelters and vets...I don't know what else I can do. My other two cats are lost without her too. So comments like that really get to me. Why are people so thoughtless? confused

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sat 14-Jan-17 14:16:10

Oh poor you, you must be so upset. Hope your gorgeous girl comes home soon.

isupposeitsverynice Sat 14-Jan-17 14:17:24

Non pet people just don't get it. I'm sorry for you, my arsehole cat has defected to a neighbour and occasionally nips back to steal food from the kitchen hmm I have been told that tying dirty socks to your fence can help your cat find its way home if it's lost, might be worth a go flowers

isupposeitsverynice Sat 14-Jan-17 14:18:36

Aw just looked at your pic she looks a lot like my evil git, she's lovely. Hope she comes home soon (MiL had a cat come back after 9 months!)

TrustySnail Sat 14-Jan-17 14:23:20

It must be awful for you, elpaso. I do hope Loco comes back. One of mine went missing for 10 days once, and came back, so don't give up hope.

Not sure what else you can do - are there any websites you could advertise on, eg. your local newspaper?

As for tactless comments - some people just have no idea!

Please update us if you find her. flowers

elpaso Sat 14-Jan-17 15:05:15

Mumsnet, you must have magic powers. Just opened my front door, and there she was!

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sat 14-Jan-17 15:10:23


GardenGeek Sat 14-Jan-17 15:13:58

Yayyy such a happy ending grin

Snowflake65 Sat 14-Jan-17 15:28:05

What a wonderful update

TrustySnail Sat 14-Jan-17 15:33:38

elpaso that's really made me smile! Enjoy your cuddles - I bet she'll be all over you!

Yay for the magical cat-finding powers of the Mumsnet Litter Tray!

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 14-Jan-17 15:34:11

I'm so pleased, is she ok?.

TheoriginalLEM Sat 14-Jan-17 15:39:29

oh phew!!

The next person who says "its just a cat" your reply ahould be"maybe, but you're just an idiot"

Cats bring so much love and companionship to people.

ButteredToastAndStrawberryJam Sat 14-Jan-17 15:46:02

Yay, How did she look?

elpaso Sat 14-Jan-17 15:51:29

Thankyou for all the lovely replies smile She seems fine, was obviously starving but certainly didn't look as if she'd been outside in this horrific weather we've been having. Guessing she's been locked in somewhere?
Will be taking her for a check up, just in case, but for now she's installed back on her rightful place on the sofa grin

Whywonttheyletmeusemyusername Sat 14-Jan-17 16:00:52


SagelyNodding Sat 14-Jan-17 16:13:26

Yay! They are not just cats-my old boy is (a bit) ill and I'm already heartbroken imagining life without him sad

Purplebluebird Sat 14-Jan-17 16:31:03

Yay! Glad to hear she came home again smile I get really pissy when people say "it's just a cat" or if I moan about something, "why don't you get them put to sleep?" -.- Grr

BantyCustards Sat 14-Jan-17 16:34:54

Some people just are THAT egocentric that they cannot even for a nanosecond step into someone else's shoes.

I'm so sorry - I hope you find answers soon.

ATailofTwoKitties Sat 14-Jan-17 16:37:38

Hurray! I was just about to post that our record was 6 weeks for a missing cat to come back (and then the bloody animal did it repeatedly for years - strongly suspect she had a bigamous relationship going on somewhere).

cozietoesie Sat 14-Jan-17 16:49:57


Vinorosso74 Sat 14-Jan-17 19:14:14

Oh wow, I was worried when I clicked onto this but glad she's home.
Non pet people just don't get it do they? Pets are a real part of the family. Ours likes to be involved and where we are she must be.

PenguinsandPebbles Sat 14-Jan-17 19:16:11

grin at all these happy endings today!

Shriek Sat 14-Jan-17 19:26:13

Joining in the cheer here too! Lovely news amd would also be and have been worried sick about ours before now. Some just dont get it at all - a HUGE loss for them I reckon to not ever know the connection with animals and their magical powers!

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